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"T" is for Truth

Observations from the Edge
Robert T. Nanninga
Coast News
December 10, 1998


Last week, in a letter to the editor, a reader made the observation that the "T" in my name does not stand for tolerance, this reader is correct. I have no room for tolerance. I do not tolerate racism, sexism, classism, or specieism. And the destruction of Gnatcatcher habitat for the development of the private Encinitas Country Day School, adjacent to San Elijo lagoon, is a classic example of specieism. Need I remind elected officials, that the California Gnatcatcher is listed on the federal Endangered Species List as threatened?

This reader also accuses me of cannibalism, which is rather amusing considering that I'm a vegan. Now as for getting the schools owner's name wrong, in the spirt of just dues,I apologize. God(dess) forbid someone being wrongfully accused of ecocide. This well written letter, also points out the definition of ‘fanatic,' "an irrational attachment to a cause or position" insinuating that I am one. Guilty as charged.

The word fanatic could also be used to describe Ghandi, Mother Teresa, and Dian Fossey, all of who attempted the irrational to varying levels of success. To this reader I ask, "Is it irrational to seek protection for the environment that supports the lifestyles of those who wish to place their kids in designer schools?

I do talk about balance, and I stand by my position that we in Coastal North County are completely out of balance when it comes to our relationship with native plants and animals. As for my "attack" on Sheila Cameron,  all I can say is that I am proud to call her my friend, and that I did not attack her, only her vote on a very sensitive environmental issue.

 Ms. Cameron is the best thing to happen to Encinitas in a long time, I merely pointed out the inconsistency between her words and her actions, nothing more. Other members of the council had already proven themselves environmentally insensitive, and I have commented on this in the past. Had I not taken the position that I did, I would have been out of balance as an environmental journalist.

The letter to the editor to which I am responding also pointed out a new nexus developing in Encinitas. Is this what Encinitas residents want, replacing one old boys network with another? This letter was very enlightening, I had not known that the owner of the Encinitas Country Day School, Planning Commissioner Rusty Wells were members of the Self Realization Fellowship. Although I was aware Sheila Cameron's hand picked city council candidate, Dennis Holz, was. Oh, what tangled webs we weave.

O.K now that I have tended to old business let's move on. I am very pleased to hear that the Committee to Save Old Solana has gathered enough signatures to bring the Solana Beach Community Protection Act before Solana Beach residents in a special election. Imagine, municipal governments actually having to act according to the desires of the people they represent, and not just the development industry that is laying waste to coastal North County.

Also from the "Good News" department, a second group has formed in Oceanside to fight the bloated Manchester Resort. The Oceanside Homeowners' Alliance is concerned that the City Council has already made up it's mind, and that council members have little interest in representing the people of Oceanside. My advice to all those concerned is to concentrate on three points of attack, The Environmental Impact Report, the Coastal Commission hearings, and a serious lack of parking downtown.

Speaking of parking in downtown Oceanside, what possessed the City Council to approve the Ocean Place Entertainment Center, at the corner of Highway 101 and Mission Blvd., without providing adequate parking? I don't know about you, but I doubt the people utilizing the 16 screen Regal Star cinema, and it's neighboring new restaurants, are going to walk to get there. Can you say gridlock?

Now as for the infighting at Oceanside City Council over the SANDAG appointment, all I can can is that if the voters of Oceanside wish to be properly represented by someone other that a political opportunist, they should storm the next City Council meeting and demand that Terry Johnson step down and quit playing games. Councilman Johnson's agenda has little to do with the public good, for if it did he would have attended every SANDAG meeting.

They should also demand that he remove himself from the Coastal Commission in regards to all matters regarding the proposed Manchester Resort because of a glaring conflict of interest. Lacking integrity, Mr. Johnson, will not remove himself unless asked to do so by the people he hopes will elect him Mayor at the next election. 

Oceanside and Encinitas are truly sister cities.

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