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Oral Communication

Observations from the Edge
Robert T. Nanninga
City Council Address
April 15, 1999


Council members I would like to take this opportunity to make a few points in regards to the proposed park at the Encinitas Sanitation District property at Encinitas Boulevard and Vulcan Avenue.

First of I would like to state that Old Encinitas and coastal Leucadia are bereft of any natural open space. And that this site is the last chance to retain this rare commodity.

Second I would like to point out that Proposition X is a clear mandate from the people of Encinitas in regards to their desires for the proposed park. Included in the document is a call for a two acre heritage site. And nowhere does it mention a museum.

I would also like to point out that the San Dieguito Heritage Museum has yet to secure any substantial funding for this endeavor, and that the possibility of a city funded bailout should give all of pause when considering the size of the proposed museum.

Something that should also be considered is the site proposal by Parks and Recreation Commissioner Jerome Stocks. This is the plan that best reflects Proposition X and the numerous committees that have studied this issue.

And finally I would like to acknowledge the work that Kate DuVivier has done on behalf of the San Dieguito Heritage Museum. From the beginning she has properly carried out the task set before her by the organization she represents as president. And never did those of us who seek to keep the museum within the two acres allotted by Proposition X consider her to be in conflict of interest. I would also like to acknowledge her for resigning her position. It is however a hollow gesture, the true potential for a conflict of interest lies with Councilmember DuVivier, for it is his vote that matters. Because it is the Encinitas City Council that will decide this issue, not the members of the heritage museum. So I therefore respectfully request that Councilmember DuVivier abstain from voting on this issue as a show of good faith to the people of Encinitas.

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