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Parvus Parvum Addit, Magus Acervus Erit

Observations from the Edge
Robert T. Nanninga
Coast News
July 1, 1999


"Sorry about the residents, but we need business in Encinitas." — Paul Davis, Director Encinitas Chamber of Commerce


[Parvus Parvum Addit, Magus Acervus Erit (add little to little, a huge pile results) — Ovid]

Although every known map shows North San Diego County as a part of California, common sense tells us that we have, in fact, seceded, and are now living in a state of irony. The state of Irony, like any other state, has a state bird, the Gnatcatcher. Our state flower is any hybrid that can grow in a greenhouse, and our state animal is the house cat because it best reflects our pampered privilege.

Last week while trying to prevent a major tourist hotel from being forced on the residents of Leucadia without infrastructure in place to handle it, the pro-development majority of the Encinitas City Council told appellants that it was time to move forward on the project. So, with blinders firmly in place, they granted Sports Shinko, AKA Encinitas Beach Resort, yet another extension. to drag their heels in the rapidly eroding sand, while trying to raise the necessary funds to develop. Basically we were told it was time to get on with the waiting process. Meanwhile an Environmental Impact Report becomes as pertinent as a Partridge Family 8-track cassette.

I could never accuse developers of being ignorant of the law, they wrote it. With the assistance of Encinitas city staff, all regulations are being interpreted in ways that benefit development interests, while leaving residents to twist in the wind. Looking for answers after the appeal hearing, a neighbor and I cornered city planner Bill Weedman, to inquire why appearing in front of the council was little more than mime theatre. Mr. Weedman said the answer was simple, we didn't have hired experts pleading our case.

When I informed Mr. Weedman, that I was in fact a expert resident, he chuckled and said that resident testimony is anecdotal, and not as reliable as that which is paid for. Isn't it ironic that "truth" that comes with a price tag is afforded more consideration than that which is given freely. Better yet, that the city council would believe a traffic consultant from San Diego, hired by the developer and armed with outdated figures, and not listen to the pleas of residents who must live the traffic nightmare every day. But then again that should you expect from residential mime theatre.

Speaking of irony, at a time when biologists are throwing themselves in front of bulldozers trying to protect native habitat, Quail.

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