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Going soft on technology: Man's ruin

Observations from the Edge
Robert T. Nanninga
Coast News
December 2, 1999


"Men take more pains to mask than to mend." — Benjamin Franklin

Is it just me or is anyone else disturbed by the growing number of pharmaceutical commercials appearing on television. You name it, there is some pill or potion being peddled "for what ails you." Promising better living through chemistry, these commercials bypass doctors to sell consumers what the pharmaceutical industry thinks they need. Whatever happened to the war on drugs?

The latest entry in to malady parade is Erectile Dysfunction.  As if Bob Dole discussing ED wasn't bad enough, now there is the commercial talking about how millions of men suffer from erectile dysfunction. I'm sure you have all seen this spot, considering that I see it at least twice a day. In this new commercial all the men are handsome and none of them seem particularly upset that their proud member is not as proud as it used to be. Perhaps they are smiling because they know Daddy's little helper-now in convenient pill form-is only as far away as the nearest pharmacy.

Millions of men unable to perform? If this fact is true, what is the cause behind such a startling statistic? I wish this was just a cultural case of men thinking with their penises so much, said members are just to tired too function. But I'm afraid it goes much deeper than that. America was amused by the rush on Viagra a couple of years ago, hell, men worldwide were clamoring for the stuff. One thing the media did not report on however, is why so many men, of all nationalities and socioeconomic class, where having a problem performing a biological no-brainer.

Think about it. What is one thing, other than the one thing we are talking about, that all men have in common? If you said pollution, give yourself a gold star. Chemical pollution to be exact. The production of plastic, also produces a nasty by-product that mirrors estrogen. So every time a man drinks a carbonated beverage out of a plastic container there is a good chance he is dosing himself with synthetic estrogen.

In Florida scientists have noted that male alligators are being born with members too short to procreate with. In Canada an alarming number of male infants are being born with flayed penises that resemble a hybrid between a penis and a vulva. In Scandinavian counties authorities are worried about an alarming increase in male sterility. What is up, and why isn't anyone talking about the fact that male biology is under attack? Instead of information regarding sexual dysfunction we get sold a pill to make Mr. Happy smile again.

Our lives are ruled by plastic. From womb to tomb plastic is everywhere. Hell, there are even commercials selling plastic as a concept. What they don't tell us is the impact manmade chemicals have on us in the long run. We know we shouldn't inhale the fumes of burning plastic, but what about drinking hot coffee from a plastic cup? When scientists are developing plastics in their labs do you think they wear masks? Why is that? Could it be that they know prolonged exposure to the chemicals in plastic is not in their best interest?

Again I ask, what ever happened to the war on drugs. Hair falling out? Take a drug. To fat for your own good? Pop a pill.  Migraines? Pill. Trouble sleeping? Pill. Kid hyper? Give him a pill. Mr Willie not preforming? Instead of asking why, why not join millions of other men as they jump on the Viagra bandwagon for a quick fix, that way you won't have to think about why the little soldier no longer stands at attention.

And then there are fertility drugs and fertility clinics. By allowing pharmaceutical corporations to mask the symptoms of what seems to be a growing problem, we do nothing to remedy the situation in the long run. Americans should just say no to these mainstream drug pushers in favor of getting to the bottom of a world wide conspiracy that continues to pollute our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Don't get me wrong, I am all in favor of less babies being made. But I was hoping negative population growth would be a matter of choice, and not one of gradual chemical sterilization. Being a non-breeder, sterilization would be lost on me. But, considering the fact that I like my Willie to socialize every now and then, I have made the choice to avoid eating and drinking from plastic whenever possible.

Next time when your in the supermarket and they ask "paper or plastic?" think of your family, and the future and say- "neither please. I brought canvas bags with me. Just to be safe."

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