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Observations from the Edge
Robert T. Nanninga
North County Times
January 31, 2000


Being an individual who co-habitats with three finicky felines, let me go on record saying that ninety-one cats in a one bedroom apartment is insane. Talk about increased urban density. At first look, this might seem to be just another crazy cat person story, it is, however the perfect analogy for SANDAG and their desire to squeeze another million people into the county.

When Sheriff deputies entered the Fallbrook apartment the stench of built up waste was so overpowering, gas masks were needed to evict the cats. Again this serves as a fitting analogy for the amount of human waste fouling our beaches due to sewage treatment facilities being unable to keep up with the pace of SANDAG induced growth. If you doubt that human waste is a problem, ask any surfer about water quality.

I find it odd that humans can complain about overcrowded conditions in animal shelters, but can't recognize crowded conditions in their own neighborhoods. I also find it disturbing that it is politically incorrect not to spay and neuter your pets in the name of pet overpopulation, but any mention of controlling human population in the environmental sustainability is regarded as misanthropic propaganda. Last time I checked humans were doing considerably more damage to the planet than domestic cats. Now that I think of it, I have yet to hear of any other species threatening life on this planet by their sheer numbers, or developing weapons of mass destruction capable of erasing life as we know it.

Recently the "breed at all cost" contingent has taken to the air waves with a full court press of anthropocentric rhetoric about a perceived housing shortage. Listening to local talk radio, not an hour goes by without a commercial touting the needs for more housing in San Diego County. Let me take the time to dispel this myth. What we are currently experiencing is not a housing deficit, but but an over abundance of people.

Our jobs as citizens is to fight the Building Industry at every turn. They have only their best interests in mind, and if they can afford both print and broadcast advertisements they are far from hurting. There true intent is to keep their gravy train running, hence the reason they have bought SANDAG lock, stock and barrel.

A Building Industry Association advertisement in the January 27th NCT, uses a picture of three crying babies to ask readers to call their elected officials and urge them to make development a priority. Of course the word they use is housing, but any one who has lived in North County knows that with housing comes stripmalls, fast food joints, Walmarts, Home Depots, freeways, and sewage. Lots of sewage.

It is also important to note that next to this Building Industry advertisement is one for house painting services, one for house paint, and one for wholesale windows and doors. Else where in the paper there were two other advertisements for the Building Industry Association. Claiming themselves to be the "Creators of the American dream, each of these ads included a logo of a hand holding up a two-story house, and the phrase "Building The Truth." Who's truth?

In reality this is just one way developers counter the public's desire to slow growth. The Building Industry feels if they create a crisis, complete with sad babies, then voters will allow the development jihad to continue, regardless of the true price of such reckless disregard for the environment.

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