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Observations from the Edge
Robert T. Nanninga
North County Times
March 13, 2000


Today is L. Ron Hubbard Day in Encinitas. As surreal as that may seem, it's true. Much to everyone's surprise, including the Mayor of Encinitas, the father of the church of Scientology lived there in 1934 at the start of his career. The proclamation, delivered last week, cites L. Ron's "non-religious moral code based upon common sense." In particular, the proclamation points out Hubbard's guidelines on "Safe Guarding and Improving Your Environment," including quotes.

To quote the proclamation, delivered to a full house at the City Council meeting on March 8th; "WHEREAS, he wrote therein "Man has reached the potential capacity to destroy the planet. He must be pushed on up to the capability and actions of saving it. It is, after all, what we are standing on" and " If others do not help safeguard and improve the environment, the way to happiness could have no roadbed to travel on at all." About now my jaw was to the floor.

I could not believe those words were coming out of the mayor's James Bond mouth. Granted they were not his, but just the fact he was saying them made my evening. Monday now had purpose for me, and Mayor James Bond was finally recognizing the need for environmental protection. This was no small feat, and notice must be paid. Well done James Bond.

No before anyone gets the wrong idea, this is in no way of endorsement of the Encinitas Mayor or Dianetics. As a member of the California Green party, and a certified treehugger, this is only giving credit where credit is due. As did Mayor Bond when he acknowledged the Surfrider foundation in the proclamation.

Declaring March 13th L. Ron Hubbard Day, Mayor Bond urge all Encinitas to take the time to commit themselves and take action to become more aware of the environment and it's deteriorating condition. He ended the proclamation with a call for everyone to help safeguard the environment for ours and future generations.

These means Encinitas will actually celebrate Earth Day twice this year, today, and April 22nd. How cool is that?

Speaking of Earth Day 2000, there is alot going on this year, and now is the time to start planning your tree planting and beach clean-ups. As for the tree planting part I encourage everyone to plant at least one native tree. Beach cleanups should be done with care and caution, especially if you happen to live in Encinitas. And if beach clean ups are not your thing, or your homeowners association won't let you plant native tress because they are too messy, Creek restoration is always a much needed service. And there are plenty of opportunities.

In Encinitas, the Cottonwood Creek Conservancy will host an Earth Day 2000 event at Moonlight Beach Park. This event will highlight all the work being done by various agencies to restore Cottonwood Creek, and its riparian corridor to environmental health. The City of Encinitas, having embraced the the efforts to restore the creek the city staff will participate in the event, as well as San Diego EarthWorks, and San Diego Baykeeper.

For those of you not keeping track of these things, April 22nd marks the 30th anniversary of the first Earth Day. Thought to be the defining moment of the American Environmental movement, this "teach-in" was the catalyst that brought environmental concerns into mainstream consciousness. Now that spring is approaching, hope actually seems possible. Happy L. Ron Hubbard Day!

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