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H is for Hawkishness and Helicopters of Happenstance

Observations from the Edge
Robert T. Nanninga
Coast News
October 24, 2002


"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever." — George Orwell

America will be at war soon. I'm not talking about the nebulous war on terror; I'm talking about a war, war. You know the kind I'm talking about, mass casualties, catastrophic environmental damage, and just enough war crimes to set the stage for the next one. Technically we are at war, but the Afghani thing doesn't really count, as it was merely a warm up that allowed George W. to practice dropping bombs on civilian targets.

What I'm referring to is an American sort of war where flags get waved, weapons get made, and them dropped from a safe distance, and the home front becomes its own battlefront as dissent is clubbed into silence in the name of unity. In American wars dead combatants are called heroes, and dead civilians are called collateral damage, and the truth is buried beneath layers of patriotic propaganda never to be heard from again.

American wars are always labeled new and improved, and come complete with catchy names, flashy graphics, and commercial breaks. Already the dogs of war are barking and CNN smells blood. And as we all know blood sells soap, and toothpaste, and cars, and the toys for beneath the Christmas tree. One justification Fox News has given for bombing Baghdad is because Saddam has swimming pools. I kid you not.

When the Bush Dynasty imposed its simple son on the American people through fiat, those of us willing to admit it, knew what was coming next. Having survived the last Bush presidency, I knew how domestic policy would turn the economy to compost and, in order to cover the smell, a diversion would be needed to distract Americans from the fact they had just lost their job. Bush Jr., not wanting to be outdone by his dad, has reduced taxes while committing our government to decades of defense spending.

As long as America wages war on the shadows of anti-American sentiment, there will be no money to rebuild Afghanistan. But then again that was never the plan was it. I'm sure George the first and his cronies are already figuring our which oil companies will be given the pleasure of creating a "new and improved " Afghanistan, one that is better suited for western interests. And then we have to ask ourselves will there be a Marshall Plan for all the countries Bush plans to bomb, and will Americans be asked to pay for their rebuilding.

North Korea is now rattling its nuclear sword, but are we concerned? Hell No. Why not? Well it has something to do with the fact that Pakistan has been helping them rebuild the program to create weapons of mass destruction. And yes, Pakistan is one of our trusted allies in the war against terrorism. So as not to offend our dictator of choice in Islamabad, we will give the ones with proven nuclear capabilities a diplomatic pass while we prepare to take down a dictator that no longer serves American interests.

Now if you are asking yourself why we would go after this part of the "access of evil" let me remind you there is nothing to be gained in North Korea except million of starving people to feed. It is almost comical what the Bush Administration can get away with. Fifteen Saudis fly a jet liner into the World Trade Center and we bomb Afghanistan. Iraq agrees to inspections yet we still want to topple the dictatorship of American making, even though there is no proof they pose a threat of any kind.

North Korea on the other hand makes an agreement, cashes our aid checks, uses the money to continue its nuke program, and the Bush Administration will do what?Don't they have a mad dictator running roughshod on international law? Do the math, George W. knows Kim Jong II has the bomb, he knows North Korea has between 2,500 tons and 5,000 tons of biochemical weapons in six different facilities and had the capability to wage germ warfare. The only thing missing from the equation is oil, plain and simple.

So ladies and gentlemen next time you feel like waving the flag to help keep the homeland safe, just remember what you are really doing is going through the prescribed motions that help keep oil companies in business and your attention conveniently diverted from the man behind the curtain.

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