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G is for Governor:Gray or Green

Observations from the Edge
Robert T. Nanninga
Coast News
October 31, 2002


"There are two parts to the human dilemma. One is the belief that the end justifies the means. The other is the betrayal of the human spirit." — J. Bronowski

I'm sure it will not surprise anyone to learn I have no intention of voting for Bill Simon. Besides the fact this carpetbagger has proven to be both corrupt and inept, is seems redundant to cast a vote for Simon instead of Davis. At least with Davis in Sacramento women will retain their reproductive rights, and our coastline will be free of additional oil rigs. Yes, I am grasping at straws, but you have to admit those are important straws.

Something else that would prevent me from ever voting for Bill Simon is the shameless duplicity he has shown by parading Rudy Guiliani around the state, as if the leadership displayed by the former Mayor, especially after the tragedy of September 11th, would somehow validate Simon's failing campaign. With all respect due Mr. Guiliani, Rudy don't know California anymore than Bill does.

The other glaring thing that should keep Mr. Simon from office is the fact he seems less trustworthy than Davis. He has been sued by business partners, won't fully disclose tax returns, makes unsupported accusations, practices Enronic ethics, and is just generally creepy. Not exactly what we need calling the shots in California.

This is not to suggest however that I would ever vote for Gray Davis again, the man is a political prostitute of the highest order. Which would not be a bad thing if free market politics were legalized. The manufactured energy crisis, gave all of us a chance to see Gray in action, and what we saw left most of us with a bad case of buyers remorse. In my mind the Governor was an active participant in the fleecing of California.

Gov. Davis scheduled a fund-raiser, with builders and advocates of high-speed rail, a day after he signed legislation asking voters to approve a $9.9-billion bond to finance construction of a high-speed train system in California. Has not banned MTBE knowing it was toxic and a threat to water resources and all Californians. And then there is the smoking gun linking Davis to donations and dioxin dumping. Currently Governor Gray is airing commercials touting his environmental record. I try so hard not to laugh.

Let's face it folks the two major parties have given us a lousy choice for governor, which has only highlighted the inherent weakness of a duopoly which leaves no room for alternative choices, or voices, outside of the ethically corrupt. Aiding and abetting the farce of representational government is a media industry highly invested in maintaining the status quo. Is it any wonder everyone, and their mother, is predicting a record low voter turn out? Most people believe the media will elect who they want, the rest of us be damned.

Thankfully I believe the power is still with the people of California, and what we need to do is reclaim it. The easiest way to reclaim it is to send a message saying we will no longer tolerate being offered integrity challenged candidates with deep pockets and even deeper moral failings. The best way to send a message to the corporate structure is to cast a vote for someone the media has gone out of their way to ignore, in spite of impressive credentials and the backing of a credible third party.

If Californians really want a reason to vote again, I suggest they familiarize themselves with Green party candidate Peter Camejo. Not influenced by money, Camejo's leadership is not for sale. A Camejo governorship would stop paying for bad decisions and corruption in the utility industry, ending the bailouts that have destroyed our California's budget surplus.

As a member of the Green Party ecology and environmental stewardship will be given top priority as the state continues to struggle with overpopulation and the resulting strain on infrastructure and natural resources. Mass Transit will also be given front burner status. Camejo has called for a ban on all oil drilling of the coast of California and a commitment to fuel cell technologies and other renewable energy resources.

As governor, Peter Camejo will treat drug addiction as a disease, and increase rehabilitation and training for people in trouble. He would end racial profiling, abolish the three strikes law, and enact "living wage" laws statewide. Camejo will also guarantee a quality education to everyone, including equal access to resources such as books, school facilities, work, and great teachers who are paid enough to stay in the profession.

Join me in sending a message. On November 5th I will cast a vote for integrity by casting a vote for Green Party Candidate Peter Camejo. It's the right thing to do and the right time to do it.

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