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Keeping the Lou in Leucadia

Following My Muse
Robert T. Nanninga
Surf City Times
January 11, 2003


On a beautiful winter day, having just finished a mock chicken burrito from Mozys, I decided to follow my muse to the newly opened video annex at Lou's Records. Located next to Beachin' Tattoo on Coast Highway 101, the video annex is really an expansion of one of the best independent record stores in the country. So successful, it seems Lou needed more real estate.

Parking my car I noticed one of the marquees read; "R.I.P Joe Strummer." This is why I shop at Lou's, the complete respect for music and musician. For those of you unsure of who Joe Strummer is and was. Mr. Strummer was the front man for the Clash, punk pioneers soon to be inducted into the Rock and Roll of Fame. This was a sign my muse was in fine working order. Respect must be paid.

Parked close to Ducky Waddles, my muse suggested I pop in on the gallery. Always affable, Jerry, the proprietor was more than willing to take time out from inventory matters to chat. While talking, a Shepard Fairy original caught my eye. This message to obey was centered by an image of Noam Chomsky, which in turn was supported by a Joe Strummer quote. My muse has always been a fan of the Clash.

Finally reaching my goal, I found Lou's latest addition to be well lit and unassuming. And in keeping with tradition the video annex offers a wide selection of DVD and VHS, new and used. From film classics to cult favorites, Disney to Dirty Harry, what they didn't have on the shelf they could order. Standard Lou's.

To test the muse theory, I asked an employee if they had The Clash: Westway to the World on DVD. With a couple clicks of the key board she said "No, but it looked like something they should have in stock." She ordered it.

You have got to dig Lou's.

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