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Doing the swing thing in Leucadia

Following My Muse
Robert T. Nanninga
Surf City Times
February 8, 2003


Let me begin by saying I have never dreamed about joining the circus. First and foremost there's the whole animal exploitation and abuse thing. Which is more than enough. But then there is the creepy clown, Carney thing. So, no circus for this monkey boy.

Looking back, I must admit I was impressed when people started flying through the air with the greatest of ease. Cool trick, but not worth having to endure the clowns. The trapeze therefore, would always be out of reach. Little did I know a trapeze school would set up shop in my backyard, Leucadia to be exact. Behind the pizza place, just north of the Leucadian. You can't miss it.

At first it seemed like a novelty, Leucadia Funky. But then my muse spoke up. "Hey Bob," he said, "Trapeze lessons is a great change of pace. Step up." So I did.

It was a beautiful Santa Ana afternoon, and freaky weather patterns aside conditions were ideal for testing myself. Trapeze High is owned by David Ayers and Lindsay Van Voorhis. David runs the show with the assistance of Brian and Tony. The camaraderie of these guys was infectious, not once did I question my safety. The harness helped too.

After signing a release form, I was given ground instructions on take off, maintaining swing, and descent to the net. There was also a brief vocabulary primer, and a discussion about form. During my tutorial on the low bar, another student, Allison, was practicing somersaults. An Encinitas resident Allison no longer had to drive to Los Angeles to follow her muse. Also joining our lesson was Cindy who was intent on nailing a single split.

Meanwhile back in Trapeze for beginners, I was going to do a basic swing. Climbing to the pedestal, 22ft in the air, I received more coaching, and with safety harness attached it was my turn to step off. Let's just say what I lacked in grace of form, I made up for in resolve not to look like a complete dork.

After my third swing, I decided to watch the ladies practice knee hangs and returns, with Brian doing the catching. An hour and a half later, I made plans for my next lesson, and then left to go brag to all my friends. The chalk on my clothes only adding to the glamour of the whole experience.

To follow your muse to Trapeze High call (619) 318-0833 or go online at info@trapezehigh.com.

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