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In defense of spontaneous pampering

Following My Muse
Robert T. Nanninga
Surf City Times
March 22, 2003


I am no stranger to a bad hair day. When one occurs I simply find a suitable hat and call it style. When my hair was long enough I could put it in a ponytail, again no problem. In fact I pride myself on how well I navigate the bad hair highway. And at my age, that I even have enough hair to warrant such skills is indeed impressive. Such skills however are hardly transferable.

Obviously, Narcissus is a muse I'm familiar with. One could say we are on a first name basis.

Case in point, last week I awoke to what could only be described as a bad face day. No hat was going to help here, and driving around with a bag on my face was out of the question. What I needed was a couple of hours of aromatherapy and some serious face time. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am man enough to know when I need a facial. The big question is where to get a facial in Encinitas at next to a moments notice.

Remembering a local business owner who once made a point to tell me how tired I looked, I decided to give her a call and give her a chance to work her magic on my esthetically challenged façade. Looking up Tranquility Haven, I discovered it was located on Highway 101 in Leucadia, and made an appointment for Monday afternoon.

After work I slowly made my way to my one o'clock appointment, stopping only at Environgentle, the bank, and Lou's Records and Mozy's. With errands out of the way it was time to do the day spa thing. Rough life, I know, but someone has to live it.

Tranquility Haven is very Leucadian, laid back, unpretentious and with just enough new age vibe to put you at ease. Pat Wheeler, an aesthetician and aromatherapy skin care specialist, greeted me with an offer of tea. I declined having just downed 2 ounces of wheat grass juice. Having never been mellow, whatever aromatherapy she used, worked, because I relaxed big time. And I don't relax.

When I woke up Pat told me the treatment I received is called Gentlemen's Image, which includes a Vitamin C Oxygen Treatment. My skin felt great, it looked great, and I had a nice nap. Tranquility Haven indeed. I wish the resident holistic massage specialist, had been available, because at that moment Narcissus was telling me to get bodywork done as well. Muses work that way.

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