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Meanwhile Back at the Coast

Following My Muse
Robert T. Nanninga
Surf City Times
November 8, 2003


The afternoon of Saturday October 25th was spent day tripping along Coast Highway 101 in Leucadia. First up was a home studio art show featuring the playful work of artist Cat Seyler. The weather was perfect, the sky a crisp blue, so it was easy not worry about the fire burning on Camp Pendleton while chatting up the hostess. As of this writing I am the proud owner of some wide-eyed kitty art.

After leaving the studio show, we headed deep into the Leucadia funk zone. JB Victoria's was a having an expansion open house and we wanted to put in an appearance. Now for those of you who have yet to experience this cultural treasure you have yet to experience the true spirit of Leucadia. Nestled behind a warren of retail grooviness, is a new workshop space, which was needed to accommodate evening workshops. Personally I am considering one entitled Twelve Astro Goddesses…with Beatrex Quantana.

I wonder which of my Muses is putting that little bug in my head. Up to this point I have considered the earth goddess, in all her expressions, as more than sufficient.

With male energy dictating our attention span, and therefore our pace, it was time to hit Lou's Records for because my buddy wanted to pick up Michelle Shocked's Deep Natural, which I reviewed earlier this year. That out of the way it was home again to get ready for the theatre.

As my buddy dropped me off I noticed two other friends standing in the driveway. Both dropped by unannounced and were ready to "hang out." There would be no theatre that night. Instead we spent the time catching up, as one of the unplanned guests had relocated to Northern California, while we were in Europe last summer. Our home was alive with friends and friendship. At one point it was decided the Maggie, the Black Irish Setter, needed a walk. I suggested Indian Head Canyon.

As we strolled through the coastal sage scrub we knew the sun was setting by the fading light. Other than that it was all gray, as the fog was coming off the coast. As if in Brigadoon, we were walking in a fog in an area out of time. Indian Head Canyon. Although disturbed, is as close to native Leucadia as you will find in 2003. On the coastal mesa at the top of the park, we watched the hillsides turn to silhouettes, as moisture rolled up the canyon. It was the perfect end to a perfect day, with a happy dog to show for it.

The next morning we awoke to a different reality as flames began their march through the east county. Reminding us on the coast of how lucky we are with each piece of ash that fell. Sunday was spent in a day of limbo, as clouds darkened the sky and news of loss began to filter out. Monday was no better, in fact the air quality got progressively worse into Tuesday. Untouched by flames we knew they were there.

The air is clear again and Halloween has brought autumn has with it. The world has moved on, and the weather turned cold. The fires of October will long be remember as "historic" due to their economic impact.

The fires are over, people are homeless, some are dead, and nothing has changed but the weather. There's a lesson here, I'm sure of it, if only my muse wasn't busy trying to comprehend the deadliness of friendly fire.

Meanwhile here on the coast we should thank the twelve Astro Goddesses for sparing us this time.

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