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Holiday cheer and art of abundance

Following My Muse
Robert T. Nanninga
Surf City Times
December 3, 2003


I know now is not the time for airing one's grievances. A season for hallmark happiness and generic goodwill, common sense dictates that I refrain from finding fault and just enjoy all the twinkling lights. I could do that, but since my complaint is directly related to the scheduling of holiday spirit, what better time to address the issue. As they say, muses move in mysterious ways, perhaps it was one of them prompting my need to address event overload.

A perfect example, and the one first and foremost in my thoughts is the abundance of holiday events seeking public participation scheduled for Saturday, December 6, 2003 in the city of Encinitas.

At moments like this preplanning is the best plan. Because so much is scheduled for that day, it is best to stick to the essentials. Location of events is vital. Driving around the county has a tendency to dampen the holiday mood, so required travel time between events is another important consideration, as is compatibility and dining opportunities. And then there is the cocktail equation.

Obviously chronology is important. Hit the first things first, and save the late best for last. But what if primetime is populated by competing events. Often the choice depends on how much energy one is willing to expend on experiencing "the holiday season." As most of know there is too much to do and too little time to do it.

Because of an early start time I will be able to dedicate plenty of goodwill to Nofufi's 1st annual Giving Tree fundraiser. Featuring the lighting of a "tree" of blown glass, this event is really about highlighting the arts mentoring program recently begun by the galleries management. At a time of funding cutbacks to art programs within the public school system such an endeavor could not be more important.

Nofufi's mentoring program is dedicated to introducing children to artists, and their own inner artist, while encouraging creativity and community. The Giving Tree event invites patrons to invest in future artists by donating art supplies for ongoing youth workshops and classes.

The centerpiece of this holiday fundraiser is the work of John Barber. Not only will those attending have the pleasure of placing donations beneath the Giving Tree, they will also be encourage to offer up a holiday wish, in between readings of Shel Silverstein's "Giving Tree" and live music performed by Steve Glass and Masato Nishimura. A give away bonanza will keep me there until it is time to find a place to watch the Encinitas Holiday Parade.

After the parade dinner will mark the halfway point in the evening. As of this writing reservations have yet to be made, but I'm thinking Amici's is on the menu due to it's proximity to my final destination of the evening, the 101 Artist's Colony and the CD release party for local light rock favorites, Holiday and the Adventure Pop Collective. These guys are good, and as with the rest of the evenings offerings provide family friendly entertainment at an affordable price.

And all of this within a five block walking distance. Talk about an abundance of riches.

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