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The one that didn't get away

Observations from the Edge
Robert T. Nanninga
Coast News
December 18, 2003


"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead, and the White Knight is talking backwards and the Red Queen's "off with her head!" Remember what the door mouse said." — Grace Slick

Yeah! We caught the screwy rabbit.

Hiding in plain site, burrowed into the banks of the Tigris River, Saddam peacefully surrendered himself when confronted by well-armed Americans. Just in time for Christmas, the Boogie Man has been wrestled from beneath the bed of American fears, and delivered to the adoring media as a gift to be shared by all. Score one for American Imperialism.

Forgive me for not being moved by the news of Saddam Hussein's "capture." Problem is, I have never considered Saddam out of American control. From the moment the young Ba'ath Party officer hit the national and international scene he was encouraged and outright supported by hawkish foreign policies of the United States State Department as well as the CIA, and countless other nefarious alliances.

Saddam has always been a puppet in a much larger game, the goal of which is to place American military forces smack dab in the middle of the worlds remaining known oil fields. Saddam first came to power in a CIA backed coup. When Reagan needed someone to stick it to Iran over the hostage crisis, Uncle Sam enlisted Saddam to do the dirty work. Donald Rumsfeld and George Bush Sr. provided Saddam whatever he needed to carry out a counter insurgency campaign, including anthrax, botulism toxins, as well as conventional weapons of choice.

During the first gulf war I wrote often of how Saddam was a puppet used to advance Western petrochemical interests in the region. The botched public relations job of the initial Bush Administration showed how the invasion of Kuwait was just business as usual as United States diplomats were purposefully sending mixed messages, while using the corporate media to spread the false propaganda of stolen incubators and discarded babies.

After the invasion of Kuwait was thwarted by freedom loving Americans, Iraq and it's army was thoroughly routed. All through the ensuing twelve years of sanctions and aerial bombardment Saddam did what Saddam had always done, rattle the sabers as loudly as possible. Playing the boogieman was the job Mr. Hussein was hired to do. His reward was getting to play "evil dictator" in the all the luxury oil money could buy. Now that George Bush Jr. needs a bump in the polls, Saddam gets to play political prisoner on the world stage so everyone can see how George is making Americans safe again.

Bah Humbug.

No ladies and gentleman I cannot pretend the capture is any thing more than today's bread and circus. Please, after the continuous loop of Saddam having his head examined by military "doctors" being played ad nauseum, it was clear to me this was nothing more than theatre. All that was missing was John Walsh and the cheese factor of America's Most Wanted. To note, I must credit Dan Rather for his unabashed embeddedness in Bush's war on Unamericanism.

The fact that Saddam was there for discovery screams of deeper purpose. And I am not talking about the reason for the season, other than consumption of finite resources for both financial and political gain. It's just too easy. Iraq is imploding by the hour. Americans are dying without clear and identifiable reasons other than the catch all claim of "making America safe" and we find Saddam not in the fabled bunkers of Baghdad, but in a rabbit hole of human proportion waiting for his return to center stage.

Ask yourself, "Do you really feel any safer?" Will the men and women, soon to replace their predecessors in the line of fire, feel any safer while protecting a pipeline half a world away from their frightened families? Notice how nothing will change with the news of Saddam's capture. Ask yourself: "Will people will continue to die on both sides of the conflict, as American foreign policy continues down the rabbit hole of occupation and corporate colonialism?"

Go ask Alice, I think she'll know.

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