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Who does Representative Cunningham represent? Part 1

Observations from the Edge
Robert T. Nanninga
Coast News
May 13, 2004


"Reports are often false, and always false when made by a knave to cloak his knavery." — Abraham Lincoln

In all the sturm and drang of Bush foreign policy and domestic unrest currently permeating the press, local issues of national importance get either overlooked or ignored. One issue that is overlooked on a regular basis is failed leadership of Randy Duke Cunningham. Who is once again is seeking to represent the industrial war machine in the 50th congressional district.

Unlike most Congressmen, Randy Duke likes to fly beneath the radar. Rare is the news conference highlighting Randy Duke's accomplishments regarding anything other than defense spending. Randy Duke instead spends his time on Capital Hill doing the bidding of Defense industry. The one thing Randy Duke wants everyone to know is his legendary status as a Top Gun fighter ace.

Not wanting to be thought complicit in the dumbing down of America, I thought it appropriate to goggle the Congressman for the 411 on is his contribution to national discourse. What I found enlightening was how deeply entrenched Randy Duke is in the intelligence failure known as Iraq U.S. Foreign policy.

For those voters not in the "know" Randy Duke Cunningham currently sits on U.S House Select Committee on Intelligence, his subcommittee assignments being Human Intelligence, Analysis, and Counterintelligence; Intelligence Policy and National Security; and Technical and Tactical Intelligence. He also serves on The U.S. House Appropriations Committee subcommittee on Defense.

It is now clear to every California the justification for the war on Iraq was based on flawed intelligence. There were no weapons of mass destruction, other than those sold to Saddam Hussein by the Reagan administration. And even those were destroyed by U.N. inspectors or American bombs during the Desert Storm and the twelve years of sanctions leading up to Desert Storm II: The Baghdad Years.

And as the 911 commission found Government intelligence has been on failure after another leading up to that catastrophic event.

In other words, Randy Duke Cunningham has failed the people of his district by failing the people of the United States. Yet here he is again asking voters to provide him two more years to get it wrong.

Go Figure.

For those still under the impression the Randy Duke Cunningham represents the residents of the 50th congressional district, I encourage you to follow the money yourself at opensecrets.org. There you will find an accounting of who supports the work of Randy Duke. Broken down to show where the money is coming from. How many people knew that during the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, the top contributor Cunningham's campaign war chest was none other than the Carlyle Group, the leading private equity investor in the aerospace and defense industries.

As of this writing 46% of donations are coming from out of state, with $96,750 coming from the defense industry. The top contributors to Randy Duke's current re-election campaign include Titan Corp ($15,000), General Dynamics ($9,500) General Atomics ($9,000) MZM. Inc. ($9,000) Northrop Grumman ($8,500) and The Cubic Corporation ($8,000). It should be noted that all of the corporations mentioned here are claiming an increase of profits since the occupation of Iraq.

Is anyone seeing a trend here?

Elected to his first term in 1990, Rep. Cunningham soon distinguished himself as a freshman congressman as a key participant of the Tailhook scandal. Another highlight of 1992, Randy Duke Cunningham told a Washington Post reporter that the Democratic leadership in congress "should be lined up and shot." Since then the only reputation he has been able to maintain is that of a belligerent, and highly partisan warmonger. On June 16, 1994 Randy Duke challenged Rep. David Obey D-Wis to a fistfight of the floor of Congress. In 1995 Capital police had to break up a scuttle between Cunningham and Rep. James Moran D-Va.

So the question before us is does it serve the best interests of the people of Carlsbad, Encinitas, Solana Beach, and Del Mar to re-elect Randy Duke? Considering none of those communities register as having donated to the Cunningham re-election coffer it seems the answer is no.

It's this simple. The Defense industry supports Randy Duke Cunningham and Randy Duke Cunningham supports the defense industry as a well-positioned member of congress, Washington insider and outspoken proponent of globalized warfare.

Who does that symbiotic relationship really serve?

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