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Heartbreaker Delivers

Observations from the Edge
Robert T. Nanninga
Buzz Publications
June 16, 2006


Kathy Brier is not a household name, although she should be. With the release of her self-produced debut CD, Ms. Brier has set the stage for a long and vital singing career. An album for anyone who has ever been in a relationship, after multiple listenings, the album holds up due to the vigor of her vocal style, blending Broadway bravo with rock sensibilities, Heartbreaker delivers.

From the tough as nails Wrecked and I Survived You, to the haunting, O'City, and the rousing, A Chance to Change the World. Ms Brier demonstrates a style rarely explored in the 21stt century. Kathy's performance of When it's Real is destined too be a wedding classic. Written by songwriting legend Diane Warren, wedding DJ's would be well advised to include this in their play list.

Unaccredited at the end of the album, Brier's cover of the Commodores classic, Brick house, gives a whole new meaning to the term female empowerment. Both funky and fresh, Ms. Brier proves small white women can rock with the best of them. Well worth the purchase price, this album is timeless in its themes and delivery.

No self-respecting gay man should be without this Diva's debut effort. Kathy Brier is the real deal, her talents more so. Catch this rising star on the way up; you will be glad you did.

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