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Guerin should resign

Observations from the Edge
Robert T. Nanninga
Coast News
July 21, 2006


Now that Encinitas City Councilwoman Christy Guerin has tearfully announced she will not seek re-election to a third term, having found employment as Congressman Brian Bilbray's District Director, as a matter of ethical propriety, Ms. Guerin should immediately resign her position on the Encinitas City Council.

Passed over for a job as San Diego District Government liaison with the Schwarzenegger administration last year, Ms. Guerin now represents a man who voted to expand oil drilling off the California coast shortly after carpet bagging his way into Randy Cunningham's old office. Ms. Guerin campaigned for Arnold as well.

At a press conference on July 21st, Guerin said " I want to be able to throw in 110 percent at the congressman's office and at the same time I don't want to neglect the city." As Mayor of Encinitas, Guerin campaigned vigorously for Brian Bilbray, going so far as to putting out a form letter, paid for by Bilbray for Congress.

In a campaign letter, dated May 25, 2006, signed; Christy Guerin Mayor of Encinitas, Guerin endorsed Bilbray as the only candidate with the experience to "secure our national border, preserve our environment, and secure the federal funding necessary to expand our freeways."

Guerin went to work for the Congressman on July 1st, two weeks after he was sworn into office, and the day after he voted to end the moratorium on offshore oil drilling. Whose interests does Ms. Guerin advocate when she is when defending Mr. Bilbray's votes in Congress? I wonder how many Encinitas residents are in favor of expanded oil drilling off the California coast.

To say Ms. Guerin loyalties are compromised would be an understatement. As a federal employee, Encinitas is now just the stepping-stone she intended it to be. Working in Escondido, on Congressional business, will leave Guerin little time for due diligence regarding the issues brought before her over the next four months, in her capacity as mayor, and voting member of the Encinitas City Council.

A considerable amount of city business will take place between now and December, and city business means there are a lot of documents to read and issues to consider. How can Encinitas residents expect Ms. Guerin to give her full attention to the governance of Encinitas, while working for Brian Bilbray?

If Christy doesn't give Bilbray 100%, she will be unable to justify her salary of $85,000 a year. Bilbray constituents in San Marcos, Escondido, Del Mar, and Solana Beach should be concerned about a lack of representation, when the woman hired by their congressman, while he is in Washington, is busy serving her own constituency.

If Guerin does give Bilbray 100%, how can she give Encinitas 100%?

Hired to promote the Bilbray's Republican agenda, there is no incentive for Guerin to separate her non-partisan responsibilities as an Encinitas official from her very partisan duties as Brian Bilbray's District Director.

Far from a lame duck, Christy Guerin is more of a threat to coastal communities than ever before. Never an advocate of environmental sustainability or economic restraint, it's no surprise she would find work advocating the development of off shore oil rigs on behalf of a career politician/lobbyist, and the oil industry.

Where Brian Bilbray did win the special election, he did not win the majority of votes in the coastal communities, Encinitas included. Unable to represent two constituencies at the same time, in a fair and equitable manor, Mayor Guerin should immediately resign her seat on the Encinitas City Council.

Anything else would be unethical, self-serving, and a clear example of the political opportunism Brian Bilbray encourages.

In the best interest of Encinitas, it's time for Christy Guerin to resign.

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