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Anger is sign of life. Get angry people.

Observations from the Edge
Robert T. Nanninga
Coast News
August 4, 2006


Recently a few readers accused me of being a misanthrope. For those who don't know, a misanthrope is someone who hates, or distrusts humankind. Hardly news, I'm glad they are able to recognize the angry tone of my observations. Although I don't hate people as a rule, I do find humans to be ignorant beasts, worthy of considerable amounts of contempt. Like lemmings, self-destruction seems to be a genetic trait of our species. Sadly we are determined to take the rest of biology down with us.

Call it what you will, I'm angry, and I'm angry that more people are not angry. I'm also angry that people would allow the failed paradigms of corporate nationalism and industrial militarism to continue waging war on the planet.

Calling me a misanthrope only scratches the surface.

Sitting on my Italian scooter, dwarfed by SUV's on every side, I realized how utterly unprepared southern Californians are for the coming calamities. With thoughts of Lebanon fresh on my mind, I can't help wonder if the dude driving the single occupancy GMC Yukon knows where he's going. I wonder if the woman in the Hummer can see beyond herself. Why do people pride themselves on stupid?

I don't hate people; I just wish they would get a clue.

The fact that humans can't get along speaks to a mortal flaw in our genetic make-up. Always fighting, our very existence is one were we struggle against the elements trying to improve on nature while defiling it for profit.

During the bombing of Beirut, American bombs destroyed the Jiyyeh power plant, creating the largest environmental crisis in Lebanese history. Dumping 30,000 tons of oil into the eastern Mediterranean, the oil spill spread as far as Syria. It's now an international disaster. As of this writing the fires at Jiyyeh are still burning.

I wonder how many people know about this, or understand the implications of such a catastrophic spill? The oil slick hit the beach of El-Baida, the only public beach in Beirut, covering more than 50 miles of Lebanese coast including Byblos Bay, the oldest port city on earth. Tourism and fishing industries have been crippled. Nesting sites of endangered sea turtles are coated in oily residue, and the hatchlings don't stand a chance. Blue fin tuna is also at risk.

American inaction to cease the Israel's bombing of Lebanon makes the Bush Administration complicit in the environmental terrorism. Hardly a surprise, I know things can only get worse.

Waving through traffic crawling down the coast highway I know overpopulation is an issue that is going to get ugly. Too many people and not enough resources equates with conflict. It's human nature. No matter where you look there is evidence that humans have reached the apex of our evolution.

Another key trait of human pathology is delusional anthropocentrism. Global warming is real, as is climate change and the expanding biological catastrophe associated with human technology. The oceans are being altered in a way not conducive to human survival; deserts are increasing, glaciers retreating, forests felled, and species crashing as a result of human industry. In our denial we sow the seeds of future destruction.

No matter where you look, there is evidence humans have reached the apex of our evolution. If we don't change our priorities fast, our priorities will be changed for us.

I wonder if the SUV people even care. And that makes me angry.

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