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Yes Virginia, there is a Solstice Fairy

Observations from the Edge
Robert T. Nanninga
Coast News
December 4, 2006


Yes Virginia, there is a Solstice Fairy

Dear Solstice Fairy,

I know I haven't written in the past. Assuming you have no need for letters, lists, or anything to do with "naughty or nice" judgment trips. You being a fairy and all, it just didn't occur to me. And even if you could read, you might not be able to read English. So why write, right?

Well, things change.

Indoctrinated since early childhood in the "Santa" personality cult, it was easy to get caught up in the fantasy of Elves and a workshop at the North Pole, flying reindeer, and the idea of a fat old man sneaking into your house to leave stuff. Long before learning Santa Claus to be a product of Coca- Cola, I realized the reason for the season was the telling of tall tales and ritual gift giving.

This winter season of over indulgence and religious posturing, enables consumers to dig themselves deeper into debt in the name of market driven traditions. As a non-Christian pagan, with Drudic tendencies, and a distaste for false sentimentality, X-mas is now something to endure.

Assaulted by a lifetime barrage of manic marketing and decorative glitter, I no longer experience holiday magic. Christmas clutter is it's own industry, all of which are bound for landfills. Seasonal displays, increasingly cheesy and "over the top," have taken on a Pavlovian quality. Aesthetic litter, Christmas lights, although beautiful, squander an insane amount of energy, and can only be seen as a waste of resources.

Unable to avoid the consumer feeding frenzy, year, after year, after year. I find myself looking back to the time before clocks, when the seasons signaled celebrations, and feasting with family and friends was dictated by the moon.

That's where you come in.

Quiet and unassuming, you are the perfect myth for bestowing comfort and joy during the dark days of the 21st century. According to my research, generosity and hospitality is your thing, and you give only what is needed, to those in need. No lists, no toys, no greedy children, no lumps of coal, and no dead and drying trees buried beneath a mountain of landfill-bound consumer goods.

My Solstice wish is for a holiday season that doesn't come at the expense of the natural environment. By giving the gift of nothing, I give the gift of everything. Instead of wrapped presents, I wish for my friends some time among the trees. A walk with friends, laughter over of bowl of homegrown soup, and spontaneous music making are small treasures. The gift of comfort, and the magic of warm smiles, on a cold winter night is my wish for everyone. Having never written to a fairy before, Solstice or otherwise, I will end it here. I know how unbusy you are. If you see Santa, you might want to play coy. As I have yet to inform him that his services as a holiday muse are no longer needed.

Thanks for nothing, I appreciate it.

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