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Hillary Clinton is more of a bad thing

Observations from the Edge
Robert T. Nanninga
Coast News
March 19, 2007


The United States of America is ready for a woman president, and Hillary Clinton is certainly a woman. The United States is also ready for an environmentally aware leader, and Hillary Clinton has proven herself to be environmentally aware. The problem is Hillary Clinton is ready to spend a billion dollars to be president, and the last thing the world needs is another Clinton presidency.

This is not to say Ms. Clinton is a bad person, I don't know her, so that is not for me to say. She seems well educated, well connected, and well versed in the art of political ambiguity. She is articulate, bright, clean and nice looking. Certainly driven, her story is already fit for a story book. A Clinton presidency, however, would do nothing but dress the status quo in estrogen and a well tailored pant suit.

Perfectly suited for the U.S. Senate, Ms. Clinton knows how to work the system in her favor. How else could the first lady of Arkansas, move from the governor's mansion, to the East Wing of the White House, and then into a Senate seat without breaking a sweat? A first-rate player, Hillary is a force to be reckoned with.

Other than being a woman, there is little reason to support the candidacy of the junior Senator from New York. Clinton has yet to prove herself a leader. Her support of the Bush Administration's intent to invade and occupy Iraq is reason enough to look elsewhere. Her willingness to keep U.S. troops in Iraq indefinitely to protect U.S. oil interests is another.

Hillary the hawk, parroting the propaganda put forth by the Bush Administration, has also confirmed her willingness to go to war with Iran. On February 2, 2007, during a speech to the American Israel Public Affairs committee, Clinton advocated engagement with Iran stating "U.S. policy must be clear and unequivocal: We cannot, we should not, we must not permit Iran to build or acquire nuclear weapons," and "In dealing with this threat…no option can be taken off the table."

As of this writing the Central Intelligence Agency has found no firm evidence of a secret drive by Iran to develop nuclear weapons, as alleged by the Bush Administration. Saber rattling on the part of Ms. Clinton, although very lucrative, brings her closer to the Bush Administration position on perpetual war mongering.

A dedicated corporatist, Ms. Clinton is operating on 20th century values, and has little to offer in the realms of innovative thinking or progressive policy. Sure, she talks a good game, and has a very favorable League of Conservation Voters, to the contrary she is a champion of globalization and fair trade agreements, which enable unchecked consumption of natural resources, over population, and loss of biodiversity.

Change is needed, and Hillary Clinton is not the candidate of change. A throwback to her husband's administration, Hillary is using the same basic play book, with a few variations aimed at neutralizing the Neo-cons and the religious right. Four years of Bush administration, followed by 8 years of a Clinton Administration, and 8 years of another Bush Administration and then another Clinton Administration serves no one but the status quo.

California secession is looking better than ever.

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