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Dismantling Democracy: the Issa/Giuliani connection

Observations from the Edge
Robert T. Nanninga
Coast News
December 4, 2007


Vista based congressman Daryl Issa is once again throwing money around to undermine California's best interests to forward the political agenda of the Republican party. Reviving efforts to manipulate presidential politics with a $55,000 contribution, Issa's involvement in attempts to fundamentally change how Californians are represented in Presidential politics should be seen as threat to democracy. Congressman Issa's pockets run dark and deep.

The Trojan horse initiative benefiting from the millionaire Congressman's economic muscle currently seeking to qualify for the June 2008 ballot is known as the California Presidential Election Reform Act . California's 55 electoral votes currently go to the candidate winning the statewide popular vote. The proposed initiative would replace the current winner-take-all system of awarding electoral votes to the winner in each of the state's 53 congressional districts.

All but two states, Maine and Nebraska, use the winner-take all method.

The California Presidential Election Reform Act is backed by a shadowy group called Californians for Equal Representation. Promoted as an effort to accurately reflect the choices of voters, it is actually a power grab on behalf of Republicans. With recent elections as an indication, these Republican funded "reforms" would likely cost Democrats roughly 20 electoral votes. That is the same number wielded by the entire state of Ohio. In 2000 it was Florida, in 2004 it was Ohio, and in 2008 the Republican operatives have targeted California.

As a member of the Green Party it's easy to see the red flags flying. It's the standard bearers that tell the whole story. Congressman Issa is just the tip of the Republican iceberg.

Two Californians with ties to the Rudy Giuliani campaign for President, Thomas Hiltachk, Governor Schwarzenegger's former personal attorney and Kevin Eckery resigned from the "Presidential Election Reform Act" committee in September 2007 amidst allegations of laundering of out state contributions and failure to comply with State and Federal disclosure laws. Ed Rollins and Anne Dunsmore, were chosen to replace them in leadership roles. Rollins and Dunsmore both worked for the campaigns of Katherine Harris, the Secretary of State for Florida presiding over the 2000 Presidential election and Rudy Giuliani.

Ed Rollins also worked for Rudy Giuliani's California campaign chair Bill Simon.

On May 8, 2007 the National Journal's Daily Briefing on Politics reported "Anne Dunsmore, a top-notch Republican fund raiser with deep ties to donors in California, has been named Rudy Giuliani's deputy campaign manager for finance." Anne Dunsmore was the Giuliani Campaign's National Deputy Campaign Manager until September 26, 2007 . At her departure Dunsmore was quoted in the Washington Post saying: "I continue to believe Rudy Giuliani is the strongest candidate in the race and I strongly support him for president."

Folks this is a blatant attack on direct democracy and the popular vote.

For the sake of California's future well being and quality of life Daryl Issa and Team Giuliani must be stopped.

It's long past time to abolish the Electorial college once and for all, as it is now used only used as a tool of manipulation and disenfranchisement.

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