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Greenpeace and the war on climate change

Observations from the Edge
Robert T. Nanninga
Coast News
June 29, 2008


It's clear change is coming. I would even argue change is here. Everywhere we look we can see a world brought about by the burning of fossil fuels, and the impact of cultures and economies dependent on the burning of fossil fuels.

It's not a pretty sight.

Forced up against the wall of resource depletion by corporate appetites, and a culture of convenience comfort, Southern Californians find themselves in a world of rising energy prices, melting ice caps, rising ocean levels, toxic air, polluted water, global warfare and near ecological collapse. Oh yeah , change is here.

Following George W. Bush's "your either with us or against us " lead, Californians are taking sides as the old guard of fossil fuel extraction seeks to maintain dominance in a changing market place that now favors conservation and innovation. The petroleum era is over, it has proved to be ecological damaging on every conceivable level, and those who profit most refuse to give up market dominance to what comes next.

Drilling for oil off the coast of San Diego county is not the answer. Tapping into solar generation on the residential level is the answer. Designing energy efficient and self sufficient communities is the answer, fossil fuel extraction is not.

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting a young Greenpeace activist named Jenny, she was new in town and just beginning her work. She had sought me out wanting to get a better understanding of the communities of North San Diego County, and I was happy to spend an hour talking about the politics of climate change and the ethical failings of professional lobbyist/Congressman Brian Bilbray.

An eager idealist Jenny had moved to the coast to make a difference.

"Greenpeace is working here in North County, to make sure that candidates for Congress here do their part too by standing up and being leaders on global warming- this means working to put a limit on how much global warming pollution we're dumping into the atmosphere, getting our cars to get more miles to the gallon, and halting the production of dirty and dangerous coal and nuclear power plants while starting to invest more in renewable wind and solar power as the real solutions to global warming."

Jenny said she was working for Greenpeace on their Project Hot Seat campaign, and that I should check out their web site www.projecthotseat.org.

The website facilitates public activism and participation in reaction to the threat of climate change, most notable is an on line letter writing feature.

In very little time concerned citizens can ask John Mc Cain, Brian Bilbray and Daryl Issa and other Senate and Congressional representatives to support a sweeping national mobilization for climate solutions, energy independence, and investment in a new energy economy with the creation 5 million new jobs.

Yes ladies and gentlemen change is here. Which side are you on?

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