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Articles are here listed chronologically by publication date; as far as I could determine it. Thank you to San Diego EarthWorks for retaining their collection of Bob's articles that they published on their website, I include links to those articles below. Coast News, Surf City Times, North County Times, Buzz Magazine comprise the major bulk of his article work. As I have not yet completely combed through all directories from all machines, I cannot assert that this is the complete collection of works; however, it is the most complete collection of works that I can at this time offer. I am aware that there are duplications; and errors; and would deeply appreciate your letting me know when you find one.

"Yours in Chaos, Keith."


The alpha index is now broken into 26 chunks. Still huge and very raw; it's an index...

Books Published

2009: Tabitha's Garden - Ordering Information
2010: Still Life in Plastic 2011 Calendar - Ordering Information
2011: The Land of Less People - Ordering Information
2011: An Alphabet of Issues - Ordering Information



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Ecologically Speaking: 1993.05.19 The quality of life more important than big money
Environmentally Speaking: 1993.04.29 Retraction
Observations: 1993.05.14 5/14/93
Environmentally Speaking: 1993.3.10 Water Under Bridge
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Letter: 1994.02.13 Letter to the Editor
Earthtimes: 1994.06 Unfortunately, not the last straw
Earthtimes: 1994.08 "G" is for gridlock
Earthtimes: 1994.10 "C" is for consume
Earthtimes: 1994.11 "P" is for politics: another stump speech
Earthtimes: 1994.12 "T" is for Tinsel
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Earthtimes: 1995.01 "R" is for Resolution
Earthtimes: 1995.02 "M" is for Mitigation
Earthtimes: 1995.03 'F' is for fertility
Coast News: 1995.03.12 Channeling Julie Andrews
Earthtimes: 1995.04 'A' is for Action
Earthtimes: 1995.05 'E' is for Extinction
Journalism 101: 1995.05.11 Wash and Wear Ritual
Earthtimes: 1995.06 "S" is for subsidy
Earthtimes: 1995.07 "B" is for breeding
Earthtimes: 1995.08 "D" is for death
Earthtimes: 1995.09 "I" is for isolation
Earthtimes: 1995.10 "W" is for we
Earthtimes: 1995.11 "J" is for justice
Earthtimes: 1995.12 "Y" is for yuletide
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Earthtimes: 1996.01 "N" is for Newt
Earthtimes: 1996.03 'H' is for Hypocrisy
Earthtimes: 1996.04 "O" is for over-population
Coast News: 1996.04.23 Another Earth Day has Come and Gone
Earthtimes: 1996.05 "U" is for Ugly
Earthtimes: 1996.06 "L" is for lacking
Earthtimes: 1996.07 "Q" is for Quixotic
Earthtimes: 1996.08 "X" is for Xenophobe
Earthtimes: 1996.09 "K" is for Kitchen
Earthtimes: 1996.10 "V" is for Vote
Earthtimes: 1996.11 "Z" is for Zoo
Earthtimes: 1996.12 Big people, little gifts
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Earthtimes: 1997.01 Old dog, new stick
Earthtimes: 1997.02 Tofu surprise and coyote cries
Earthtimes: 1997.06 Goddess save the queen
Earthtimes: 1997.08 Eating Spanish crow
Earthtimes: 1997.10 5.8 Billion Served
Earthtimes: 1997.11 Sparing the child
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Earthtimes: 1998.01 Wolves, altruism and virtual ethics
Coast News: 1998.01.14 Adding Insult to Injury
Coast News: 1998.01.21 Feeding Frenzies 101: Strip Malls and Sprawl
Coast News: 1998.01.28 Going, Going, Gone
Coast News: 1998.02.04 Mr. Sandman is this a Dream?
Coast News: 1998.02.11 Family Feud...Southern California Style
Coast News: 1998.02.18 New Visions, New Voices, and Hope.
Coast News: 1998.02.25 Testing....One...Two..Three.
Earthtimes: 1998.03 Cleanliness is Next to Godliness
Coast News: 1998.03.05 Ignoring the Wake-up Call
Coast News: 1998.03.19 Pampered Pets, Pampered Predators
Coast News: 1998.03.26 Whose Park Is It Anyway?
Coast News: 1998.03.28 Looking out for Mother.
Earthtimes: 1998.04 Looking out for Mother
Coast News: 1998.04.02 Roadkill are us
Coast News: 1998.04.09 If a Tree Falls
Coast News: 1998.04.16 South Cedros: A Cinderella Story
Coast News: 1998.04.23 Earth Day: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Coast News: 1998.04.30 She has Bette Davis Lungs
Earthtimes: 1998.05 One Nation Under Apathy
Coast News: 1998.05.21 Conversations with the Messenger
Earthtimes: 1998.06 Reality Check #436 - Speaking Frankly
Coast News: 1998.06.04 Reality Check #436 - Speaking Frankly
Coast News: 1998.06.11 River For Sale - The Politics of Consumption
Coast News: 1998.06.18 Feet Don't Fail Me Now.
Coast News: 1998.06.25 Virtual Consumption:
Earthtimes: 1998.07 All is fair in love and veal
Coast News: 1998.07.02 Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect 200
Coast News: 1998.07.09 All is Fair in Love and Veal
North County Times: 1998.07.10 The Constitution Made Me Do It
Coast News: 1998.07.16 Dolphins and Other Hazardous Matters
Coast News: 1998.07.23 Can't Stand the Heat?
Coast News: 1998.07.30 Character and Community: A Vanishing Breed
Earthtimes: 1998.08 Bob, The Sequel: Clone Sweet Clone
Coast News: 1998.08.06 Bob, The Sequel...Clone Sweet Clone
Coast News: 1998.08.13 Commercial Diversions and Other Flights of Fancy
Coast News: 1998.08.20 The Good, The Bad, and the Tourist
Coast News: 1998.08.27 There Is No Place Like Home
North County Times: 1998.08.31 Driving
Earthtimes: 1998.09 Paving paradise
Coast News: 1998.09.03 The Gift Horse, and Other Mythical Creatures.
North County Times: 1998.09.07 9/7/98
Coast News: 1998.09.10 Birthday Observations
North County Times: 1998.09.14 9/14/98
Coast News: 1998.09.17 Skin Deep, and other marks of Beauty
North County Times: 1998.09.21 9/21/98
Coast News: 1998.09.24 Robbing Peter to Pay Paul
North County Times: 1998.09.28 9/28/98
Earthtimes: 1998.10 Locals only a story of weeds and needs
Coast News: 1998.10.01 Sand, Plans, and Blind Man's Bluff
North County Times: 1998.10.05 10/05/98
Coast News: 1998.10.08 Locals only - A Story of Weeds and Needs
North County Times: 1998.10.12 10/12/98
Coast News: 1998.10.15 Money Makes the World Go &39;round...Bummer.
North County Times: 1998.10.19 10/19/98
The Gazette: 1998.10.21 Observations from the Edge
Coast News: 1998.10.22 Is Single-minded Environmentalism So Bad? 
North County Times: 1998.10.26 10/26/98
Coast News: 1998.10.29 There is No Comfort in "I told you so."
Earthtimes: 1998.11 Basking in the afterglow
North County Times: 1998.11.02 11/02/98
Coast News: 1998.11.05 Writing for the future...Your Tarot or mine?
North County Times: 1998.11.09 11/09/98
Coast News: 1998.11.12 Basking in the Afterglow
North County Times: 1998.11.16 11/16/98
Coast News: 1998.11.19 The Fox in the Hen House
North County Times: 1998.11.23 11/23/98
Coast News: 1998.11.26 Oh What Tangled Webs We Weave.
North County Times: 1998.11.30 11/30/98
Earthtimes: 1998.12 So many people, so little room
Coast News: 1998.12.03 So Many People..So Little Room.
North County Times: 1998.12.07 12/07/98
Coast News: 1998.12.10 "T" is for Truth
North County Times: 1998.12.14 12/14/98
Coast News: 1998.12.17 Confessions of a Monkey Boy
Coast News: 1998.12.17 A Letter to the Fat Man
North County Times: 1998.12.21 12/21/98
North County Times: 1998.12.28 12/28/98
Coast News: 1998.12.31 Credit where credit is due
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Earthtimes: 1999.01 Resolutions
North County Times: 1999.01.04 01/04/99
Coast News: 1999.01.06 Coastal issue #637: Where shopping carts go to die
Coast News: 1999.01.07 Old Threats and New Beginnings
North County Times: 1999.01.11 01/11/99
Coast News: 1999.01.13 In Golden State - Look Norman...the loons
North County Times: 1999.01.18 01/18/99
North County Times: 1999.01.25 01/25/99
Earthtimes: 1999.02 Feeding Frenzies 101:Strip Malls and Sprawl
North County Times: 1999.02.01 02/01/99
North County Times: 1999.02.08 02/08/99
North County Times: 1999.02.15 Where's the Vision?
North County Times: 1999.02.22 02/22/99
Coast News: 1999.02.24 Y-Gate, SourcePoint, and the Dodson Configuration
Earthtimes: 1999.03 Fear and Loathing in Legoland
North County Times: 1999.03.01 Legomania
Coast News: 1999.03.04 Some Things Just Refuse to Die!
North County Times: 1999.03.08 On Rails
Coast News: 1999.03.08 Slams, censorship, and the politics of prose.
Coast News: 1999.03.11 Inch by Inch; The Turning of the Screw
North County Times: 1999.03.15 Going Native
Coast News: 1999.03.18 Don't feed the Humans
North County Times: 1999.03.22 It's about the oil
Coast News: 1999.03.25 Slip Sliding Away.
North County Times: 1999.03.29 03/29/99
Earthtimes: 1999.04 Connections, corrections, and everybody out of the damn pool
Coast News: 1999.04.01 I Hope you like Jammin' too
North County Times: 1999.04.05 04/05/99
Coast News: 1999.04.08 Studying the Coast to Death
North County Times: 1999.04.12 04/12/99
Coast News: 1999.04.15 Where's Dorothy When you Need Her.
Oral Communication: 1999.04.15 Oral Communication
North County Times: 1999.04.19 Earth day, Every Day
Coast News: 1999.04.22 Note to Bill: It's the Environment...Stupid
North County Times: 1999.04.26 04/26/99
Coast News: 1999.04.29 If it Bleeds it Leads
Earthtimes: 1999.05 If it Bleeds it Leads
North County Times: 1999.05.03 Fight of Flight
Coast News: 1999.05.06 Food for Thought: More than just a Flesh Wound.
Coast News: 1999.05.06 To Fee or Not to Fee: Crying All the Way to the Bank
North County Times: 1999.05.10 05/10/99
Coast News: 1999.05.20 Lagoons, Libraries, and Lessons to Learn
North County Times: 1999.05.24 Whaleburger anyone?
Coast News: 1999.05.27 Children of the Corn: Engineering our own Extinction
North County Times: 1999.05.31 05/31/99
Earthtimes: 1999.06 Courting the Nemesis Effect:Your extinction or mine?
Gay and Lesbian Times: 1999.06.01 Homosexuality: The Final Frontier
Coast News: 1999.06.03 Smarter than the Average Bear.
Gay and Lesbian Times: 1999.06.05 An Introduction is in Order
North County Times: 1999.06.07 Better Living through Chemistry
Coast News: 1999.06.10 Courting the Nemesis Effect: Your Extinction or Mine?
North County Times: 1999.06.14 6/14/99
Coast News: 1999.06.17 The Status Quo must not Continue
North County Times: 1999.06.21 Gregory Canyon Limited
Coast News: 1999.06.24 Love Letters in Triplicate
North County Times: 1999.06.28 Letters to the Columnist
Earthtimes: 1999.09 Brittany Pagano and the Ticket Out Ritual
Coast News: 1999.07.01 Parvus Parvum Addit, Magus Acervus Erit
North County Times: 1999.07.05 The Walls Have It.
Coast News: 1999.07.08 Take the Last Train to Carsville
North County Times: 1999.07.12 This Little Piggy Went to Sanctuary
Coast News: 1999.07.15 Taking a Much Needed Breather: Desolation Style
North County Times: 1999.07.19 Getting Away From It All
Coast News: 1999.07.22 Nasty Neighbors and Goat on a Rope
North County Times: 1999.07.26 Take to the Hills
Coast News: 1999.07.29 Television and Culture: A SUV Runs Through It.
North County Times: 1999.08.02 On the Wrong Track
Coast News: 1999.08.05 Brittany Pagano and the Ticket Out Ritual
North County Times: 1999.08.09 Wider Is Not Always Better.
Coast News: 1999.08.12 Mosquitos, More Mosquitos, and a Three-legged Dog.
North County Times: 1999.08.16 8/16/99
Coast News: 1999.08.19 Playing Games with Kids, Creeks and Credibility
North County Times: 1999.08.23 Score one for the Trees
Coast News: 1999.08.26 Might Makes Right: Squirrels, Evolution, and Encinitas.
North County Times: 1999.08.30 8/30/99
Coast News: 1999.09.02 Highway 680 - A Developers Wet Dream
North County Times: 1999.09.06 One Year and Counting
Coast News: 1999.09.09 Going Feral: When Stress Takes it's Toll
North County Times: 1999.09.13 Credit Where Credit is Due
Coast News: 1999.09.13 Word Blankets, Machiavelli, and Eating Crow
North County Times: 1999.09.20 North County is not an Ashtray.
Coast News: 1999.09.23 Biting the Hand That Feeds You
North County Times: 1999.09.27 9/27/99
Coast News: 1999.09.30 Who is watching the watchers: Developer Police Thyself.
Earthtimes: 1999.10 Eat, Drink and be Wary
North County Times: 1999.10.04 Eat, Drink, and Be Wary
North County Times: 1999.10.05 Rule No. 261
Coast News: 1999.10.07 Listening Without Hearing the Voice of Reason
North County Times: 1999.10.11 Alternatives to Over-population
Coast News: 1999.10.14 Facing reality is long over due.
North County Times: 1999.10.18 10/18/99
Coast News: 1999.10.21 No place to go but up
North County Times: 1999.10.25 10/25/99
Coast News: 1999.10.28 Beauty is where you find it.
Earthtimes: 1999.11 Alternatives to overpopulation
North County Times: 1999.11.01 11/01/99
Coast News: 1999.11.04 "Son of 680" the Sequel: Madness takes its toll
North County Times: 1999.11.08 11/8/99
Coast News: 1999.11.11 Doing things right: The Del Mar story
North County Times: 1999.11.15 11/15/99
Coast News: 1999.11.18 Regional Infrastructure Transportation Agency: Got SANDAG?
North County Times: 1999.11.22 International Buy Nothing Day.
Coast News: 1999.11.25 Thanksgiving and other feeding frenzies
North County Times: 1999.11.29 11/29/99
Earthtimes: 1999.12 Celluloid Prophecy, Sea Turtles, and the WTO
Coast News: 1999.12.02 Going soft on technology: Man's ruin
North County Times: 1999.12.06 12/6/99
Coast News: 1999.12.09 Celluloid Prophecy, Sea Turtles, and the WTO
North County Times: 1999.12.13 12.13.99
Coast News: 1999.12.16 Unpacking the Christmas Myth
North County Times: 1999.12.20 Giving the Gift of Nature
Coast News: 1999.12.23 Paradise lost: No where to go but down.
Coast News: 1999.12.24 Letter to the Fat Man 1999
North County Times: 1999.12.27 12/27/99
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Earthtimes: 2000.01 Lovely RITA
Kokopelli Spirit: 2000.01 Into the breech we blindly march
North County Times: 2000.01.03 01/03/00
North County Times: 2000.01.10 1/10/00
North County Times: 2000.01.17 1/17/00
Coast News: 2000.01.20 Graffiti and other signs of the times.
North County Times: 2000.01.24 01/24/00
Coast News: 2000.01.27 Like Sand Through the Hour Glass
North County Times: 2000.01.31 01/31/00
Earthtimes: 2000.02 Giving up the Ghost... almost
Kokopelli Spirit: 2000.02 No News is Not Good News
Coast News: 2000.02.03 Giving up the Ghost...almost
North County Times: 2000.02.07 02/07/00
Coast News: 2000.02.13 The Dark Side of Population Growth
North County Times: 2000.02.14 Valentines Day
Coast News: 2000.02.17 Marriage and family is not a special right.
North County Times: 2000.02.21 2/21/00
North County Times: 2000.02.28 2/28/00
Earthtimes: 2000.03 Y-Gate, SourcePoint, and the Dodson Configuration
Coast News: 2000.03.02 Why I'm NOT voting for Jim Bond.
North County Times: 2000.03.06 3/6/00
North County Times: 2000.03.13 3/13/00
Coast News: 2000.03.15 The Alphabet series 2000: A is for Apology
North County Times: 2000.03.20 3/20/00
Coast News: 2000.03.22 The Alphabet Series 2000: B is for Balance
North County Times: 2000.03.27 3/27/00
Coast News: 2000.03.29 The Alphabet Series 2000: C is for Consumption
Earthtimes: 2000.04 Machiavellian Mobility and the Path Once Traveled
North County Times: 2000.04.03 04/03/00
Coast News: 2000.04.05 The Alphabet Series 2000: D is for Denial
North County Times: 2000.04.10 04/10/00
Coast News: 2000.04.12 The Alphabet Series 2000: E is for Energy
North County Times: 2000.04.17 04/17/00
Coast News: 2000.04.19 The Alphabet Series 2000: F is for Freeways
North County Times: 2000.04.24 Happy Earth Day
Earthtimes: 2000.05 "G" is for Green
North County Times: 2000.05.01 Home is where the habitat is
Coast News: 2000.05.03 The Alphabet Series 2000: G is for Green
North County Times: 2000.05.08 5/8/00
Coast News: 2000.05.10 The Alphabet Series 2000: H is for Habitat
North County Times: 2000.05.15 5/15/00
Coast News: 2000.05.17 The Alphabet Series 2000: I is for Ignore and Ignorance
North County Times: 2000.05.22 5/22/00
Coast News: 2000.05.24 The Alphabet Series 2000: J is for Jet Ski
North County Times: 2000.05.29 5/29/00
Coast News: 2000.05.31 The Alphabet Series 2000: K is for KLEPTOMANIA
Earthtimes: 2000.06 "L" is for Leadership
Coast News: 2000.06.07 The Alphabet Series 2000: L is for Leadership
North County Times: 2000.06.05 6/5/00
North County Times: 2000.06.12 6/12/00
Coast News: 2000.06.14 The Alphabet Series 2000: M is for Monkey Business
North County Times: 2000.06.19 6/19/00
Coast News: 2000.06.21 The Alphabet Series 2000: N is for NIMBY
North County Times: 2000.06.26 6/26/00
Coast News: 2000.06.28 The Alphabet Series 2000: O is for Ozone
Earthtimes: 2000.07 "N" is for NOMP
North County Times: 2000.07.03 7/3/00
North County Times: 2000.07.10 7/10/00
Coast News: 2000.07.17 The Alphabet Series 2000: P is for Politics
North County Times: 2000.07.17 7/17/00
Coast News: 2000.07.19 The Alphabet Series 2000: Q is for Question
North County Times: 2000.07.24 7/24/00
Coast News: 2000.07.26 The Alphabet Series: R is for Reduce, Reuse , Recycle
North County Times: 2000.07.31 7/31/00
Earthtimes: 2000.08 Lagoonatics
Coast News: 2000.08.03 The Alphabet Series: S is for Sustainability
North County Times: 2000.08.07 8/7/00
Coast News: 2000.08.09 The Alphabet Series: T is for Tracks
Coast News: 2000.08.16 The Alphabet Series: U is for Urban Renewal
Coast News: 2000.08.23 The Alphabet Series: V is for Vision
Coast News: 2000.08.30 The Alphabet Series: W is for Water
Earthtimes: 2000.09 "V" is for Vision
Earthtimes: 2000.10 "W" is for Wisdom
Earthtimes: 2000.11 "X" is for Xeriscape
Coast News: 2000.11.15 The Alphabet Series 2000: X is for Xeriscape
North County Times: 2000.11.21 Back to the Press
Coast News: 2000.11.22 The Alphabet Series 2000: Y is for Youth
Coast News: 2000.11.29 The Alphabet Series 2000: Z is for Zoos
Earthtimes: 2000.12 'Tis the season to Kill Big Trees
Coast News: 2000.12.13 "Tis the season to Kill Big Trees."
Coast News: 2000.12.20 Letter to the Fat Man 2000
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Earthtimes: 2001.01 Resolutions for a Sustainable Future
Coast News: 2001.01.03 Resolutions for a Sustainable Future
North County Times: 2001.01.09 1/9/01
Coast News: 2001.01.10 Truth telling and the art of an unmade bed.
North County Times: 2001.01.16 1/16/01
Coast News: 2001.01.17 We don't need no Stinking Pigeons
Coast News: 2001.01.23 One snake, no quail, and a decimated garden
Coast News: 2001.01.24 Embracing a new Prime Directive
North County Times: 2001.01.29 Carlsbad's Other Tree People
Coast News: 2001.01.31 Killing us Softly with Science
Earthtimes: 2001.02 Killing us Softly with Science
Coast News: 2001.02.07 Robber Barons and the Utility of Myth
North County Times: 2001.02.12 2/12/01
Coast News: 2001.02.14 Three-legged frogs and the Chi of Cha-Ching
Coast News: 2001.02.21 The dark side of the wireless fix
Coast News: 2001.02.21 Diminishing Returns and the Crystal Clear Equation
Coast News: 2001.02.27 A return to walkable communities
North County Times: 2001.02.27 2/27/01
Coast News: 2001.02.28 Up the paddle without a Creek: Erasing History
Earthtimes: 2001.03 Diminishing Returns and the Crystal Clear Equation
Coast News: 2001.03.07 Leaf Blowers of the Damned
North County Times: 2001.03.13 Just another manic monday
Coast News: 2001.03.14 Population and Downsizing the American Dream
North County Times: 2001.03.20 Score one for the vegans
Coast News: 2001.03.21 Mad Cows, sick sheep, and greedy people
Coast News: 2001.03.26 Terminal Growing Pains: It's the economy stupid.
North County Times: 2001.03.30 Score another one for the good guys.
Earthtimes: 2001.04 Just another Manic Monday
Coast News: 2001.04.04 George W. Bush is not a conservative.
Coast News: 2001.04.11 The environment is the economy...stupid
Coast News: 2001.04.17 Save Box Canyon from the Carlsbad Greedmongers
North County Times: 2001.04.17 Electing Barbie to the Pantheon
North County Times: 2001.04.17.2 4/17/01
Coast News: 2001.04.26 Earth Day: Too little. Too late.
Earthtimes: 2001.05 Forget the whales: Save Robert Downey, Jr.
Coast News: 2001.05.02 Forget the Whales: Save Robert Downey Jr.
Coast News: 2001.05.09 Nature, nurture, or nudge: Who cares?
Coast News: 2001.05.16 Business as usual: Going nowhere fast
North County Times: 2001.05.20 5/20/01
Coast News: 2001.05.23 America at a crossroads: Veering left
North County Times: 2001.05.29 BC or PC?
Coast News: 2001.05.29 Environmental demise and the power of one
Earthtimes: 2001.06 America at a crossroads: veering left
North County Times: 2001.06.01 Unfair Expansion
Coast News: 2001.06.06 Revolution and the evolution of thought
Coast News: 2001.06.12 Roll your own blackout: Hit &39;em where it hurts.
North County Times: 2001.06.15 Biojustice
Coast News: 2001.06.27 Sand and Sensibility: The saga continues
Earthtimes: 2001.07 Saving space, place, and nature's grace
Coast News: 2001.07.03 Saving space, place, and nature's grace.
Coast News: 2001.07.05 Warning: I break for nature
North County Times: 2001.07.10 7/10/01
Coast News: 2001.07.18 Fading wilderness and dead fish floating
North County Times: 2001.07.31 On Rails
Coast News: 2001.08.01 Smart food for smart people
Coast News: 2001.08.08 Now boarding on the Blind Eye express
Coast News: 2001.08.15 The only thing that changes is the weather
North County Times: 2001.08.16 Cleveland as our future
North County Times: 2001.08.21 Is Cleveland San Diego's future?
North County Times: 2001.09.04 Home and the Healthy Lifestyle
Coast News: 2001.08.29 Character education and the ethically challenged
Coast News: 2001.09.05 You get what you pay for; Extinction under glass
North County Times: 2001.09.18 Americans in the Aftermath
Coast News: 2001.09.19 Floored by the cruel wind of terrorism
Coast News: 2001.09.26 All wars are war against the environment
North County Times: 2001.10.03 It takes two to Tango
Coast News: 2001.10.03 Civic beauty, and surviving the facelift.
North County Times: 2001.10.10 The US Army Corps; and sand
Coast News: 2001.10.10 Peace through superior solar power
North County Times: 2001.10.16 The Ghost of Abundance Past
Coast News: 2001.10.17 Just another round of biological warfare
North County Times: 2001.10.25 Another reason to go online
Coast News: 2001.10.30 Greetings from Motor City: The birth place of sprawl
Coast News: 2001.11.07 As some things change, most things stay the same.
North County Times: 2001.11.13 From Boom to Bust
Coast News: 2001.11.14 America: Land of the free, home of the gullible
Coast News: 2001.11.21 Redundancy 101: Shop till you drop
Coast News: 2001.11.28 The Population Bomb and those lighting the fuse
North County Times: 2001.12.04 Let nature take its course.
Coast News: 2001.12.05 In defense of walkable communities
Coast News: 2001.12.12 Home sweet (albeit dysfunctional) home
Coast News: 2001.12.19 Giving the gift of wholeness
Coast News: 2001.12.24 A year in the life: Screams, schemes, and oil dreams
Coast News: 2001.12.27 Resolutions for a shell shocked world
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Surf City Times: 2002.quote 2002 Quotes
North County Times: 2002.01.02 Horn's Holiday Humbug
Coast News: 2002.01.03 A year in the life: Screams, schemes, and oil dreams
Coast News: 2002.01.09 Three rings and a whole lot of denial
North County Times: 2002.01.14 O'side council ignores public again
Coast News: 2002.01.16 Tis the season to go native
North County Times: 2002.01.21 El Corazon makes a nice gift
Coast News: 2002.01.30 Screaming Fire in a burning theater
Coast News: 2002.02.06 Bombing and building for a brigher tomorrow
North County Times: 2002.02.12 Horn and Company
Coast News: 2002.02.13 Bill Horn: THe bottom line for a leader
Coast News: 2002.02.20 Ignore the man behind the curtain
North County Times: 2002.02.21 Building A Housing Crisis
Coast News: 2002.02.27 Planning the transition to suburban native habitat
Coast News: 2002.03.06 Clarifications for the fourth grade education
North County Times: 2002.03.12 Ignore the vote and it will go away
Coast News: 2002.03.13 Terrorism and the war on whales
Coast News: 2002.03.20 The coming of spring and positive developments
Coast News: 2002.03.26 I brake for road kill
Coast News: 2002.03.27 Dogs don't kill people, people kill people
Coast News: 2002.04.04 Libraries and the ghost of leadership past
North County Times: 2002.04.09 Exhibiting Humane behavior
Coast News: 2002.04.11
Coast News: 2002.04.18 And in the center ring... no center ring
North County Times: 2002.04.23 Happy Diminished Earth Day
Coast News: 2002.04.25 Life in the land of diminishing returns
Coast News: 2002.05.01 Sea lions, blooming algae, and flushable kitty litter
North County Times: 2002.05.14 Uncle Sam's war against the environment.
Coast News: 2002.05.22 Smart growth, wise debt, and intelligent ecocide
North County Times: 2002.05.28 Smart growth, simple delusion
Coast News: 2002.06.05 Stating the obvious and implied solutions
Coast News: 2002.06.12(1) Trees and the darker side of a community's character
Coast News: 2002.06.12(2) Encinitas: The hallmark of public input
North County Times: 2002.06.18 Take That Mr. Feller
Coast News: 2002.06.26 Z is for Zillah, who drank too much gin
Coast News: 2002.07.03 Y is for Yankee Doodle Dandy
Coast News: 2002.07.10 W is for Warming, Wildfires, and Wisdom
Coast News: 2002.07.17 V is for Vehicular Manslaughter
Coast News: 2002.07.25 U is for Uranium: Our ultimate undoing
Coast News: 2002.07.31 T is for Thirst and Terrorism on Tap
Coast News: 2002.08.07 S is for Sensible solutions for sustainability
Coast News: 2002.08.15 R is for Respect, Responsibility, and Restoration
Coast News: 2002.08.22 Q is for Question, Question, Question
Coast News: 2002.08.29 P is for Preemptive Patriotic Propaganda
Coast News: 2002.09.05 O is for Osama, obfuscations and lies of omission
Coast News: 2002.09.11 N is for naysayers and never say never
Coast News: 2002.09.19 M is for Meditative meanderings and mindful mitigation
Coast News: 2002.09.26 L is for Living life and loving large
Coast News: 2002.10.04 K is for Kindness, Karma, and Kismet
Coast News: 2002.10.10 J is for Jim Jones and the cult of calm
Coast News: 2002.10.17 I is for Ice Plant and Indigenous Intelligence
Coast News: 2002.10.24 H is for Hawkishness and Helicopters of Happenstance
Coast News: 2002.10.31 G is for Governor:Gray or Green
Earth Times: 2002.10 Think regionally. Vote locally. Stay focused
Coast News: 2002.11.07 F is for: Future Friendly Fuel Cells
North County Times: 2002.11.12 Back off the campaign trail.
Coast News: 2002.11.14 E is for: Environmental entropy and educing elections
Coast News: 2002.11.21 D is for: Dawn of the Dog People
North County Times: 2002.11.26 North County on Rails
Coast News: 2002.11.28 C is for: Curbing compulsatory consumption
Coast News: 2002.12.05 B is for: Bioregionalism. The other cultural construct.
Coast News: 2002.12.12 A is for: Apathy, aboulia, and abyss of avarice
North County Times: 2002.12.17 Water for a thirsty desert
Coast News: 2002.12.19 X is for: X-mas and the reasons for the season
North County Times: 2002.12.27 Good to the last drop
Coast News: 2002.12.26 Plunder and Blunders: A year in review for 2002
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Coast News: 2003.01.02 The illusion of new: Your resolution or mine?
Coast News: 2003.01.09 Evolution and a philosophy for perseverance
Surf City Times: 2003.01.11 Keeping the Lou in Leucadia
North County Times: 2003.01.14 Gray Davis on Trains
Coast News: 2003.01.16 In memory of a fallen friend
Coast News: 2003.01.23 Creative bookkeeping and the fate of snaildarters
Earth First Journal: 2003.01.27 Bush Domestic Policy: Coalition of the killing
North County Times: 2003.01.28 Speak not from inexperience
Coast News: 2003.01.30 Hard choices for a hard reality
Coast News: 2003.02.06 Compassionate War mongering: The state of disunion
Surf City Times: 2003.02.08 Doing the swing thing in Leucadia
North County Times: 2003.02.11 Bush on Hydrogen?
Coast News: 2003.02.13 Preemptive play: Will the wolf survive?
Coast News: 2003.02.18 Meanwhile back on the Home front
Coast News: 2003.02.20 Forget the truth, pass the duct tape
Surf City Times: 2003.02.22 Taking it to the streets
Coast News: 2003.02.27(1) Meanwhile back on the Home Front
Coast News: 2003.02.27(2) Happy L. Ron Hubbard Day
Surf City Times: 2003.03.08 Venturing to the dark side: A Review
Coast News: 2003.03.20 Springtime for Iraq and Uncle Sam
Surf City Times: 2003.03.22 In defense of spontaneous pampering
Coast News: 2003.03.27 Free California: Is independence the answer?
Coast News: 2003.04.03 Oh, the inhumanity of it all
Surf City Times: 2003.04.05 It's not all Greek to me
Coast News: 2003.04.10 Treading water in a diminished gene pool
Coast News: 2003.04.16 America over a barrel: Operation Henhouse
Coast News: 2003.04.17 Depleted democracy and other weapons of war
Surf City Times: 2003.04.25 Baba's gotta new bag
Coast News: 2003.05.01 Put down the leash and step away from the Corgi
Coast News: 2003.05.08 Only you can prevent deforestation...the Feds won't
Surf City Times: 2003.05.10 Someone has to watch the ferns grow
Coast News: 2003.05.15 A watershed moment in bioregionalism
Coast News: 2003.05.22 There's no place like habitat
Coast News: 2003.05.28 Cornering the market on thirst
Coast News: 2003.06.05 Laboring under false pretense.
Coast News: 2003.06.19 President Strangelove and the nuclear two-step
Coast News: 2003.06.23 In praise of English restraint
Coast News: 2003.06.26 Frying pan versus fire
Coast News: 2003.06.28 Feet don't fail me now.
Coast News: 2003.07.03 Looking for bear: A grizzly task
Coast News: 2003.07.11 Dog mines: Weapons of mess distraction
Coast News: 2003.07.13 It's a small world after all
Coast News: 2003.07.21 On top of the world down under
Coast News: 2003.08.14 Coming home and the resulting circus
Surf City Times: 2003.08.16 A Night in the Life
Coast News: 2003.08.21 It's time for urban growth boundaries
Coast News: 2003.08.28 Moving on without getting along
Surf City Times: 2003.08.30 Happy Birthday to us
Coast News: 2003.09.04 Citizen X versus the Skunk Haters
Coast News: 2003.09.05 O is for Osama, obfuscations and lies of omission
Surf City Times: 2003.09.08 In Memorial - Gary Taylor; The Passing of a Legend
Coast News: 2003.09.09(1) Gone Organic: The clean and green scene
Coast News: 2003.09.09(2) Score one for the tree huggers
Coast News: 2003.09.09(3) Nurturing with nature: An easy primer
Coast News: 2003.09.11 Pornography and the rape of nature
Surf City Times: 2003.09.13 Have board will travel
Coast News: 2003.09.16 Gone Organic: The clean and green scene
Coast News: 2003.09.18 Rejecting more of the same from Sacramento
Surf City Times: 2003.09.21 No goodbyes - Just good memories
Coast News: 2003.09.26 L is for Living life and loving large
Coast News: 2003.10.02 Once more into the fray
Coast News: 2003.10.09 Trash talk and dumping diatribe
Coast News: 2003.10.09 When the party is over
Surf City Times: 2003.10.11 The best things in life are free
Coast News: 2003.10.23 Will the real Ecoterrorists please stand up
Surf City Times: 2003.10.25 I Read therefore I Am
Coast News: 2003.10.30 Keystone cops and the shame game
Coast News: 2003.11.06 October fire: Like snow to Siberia
Surf City Times: 2003.11.08 Meanwhile Back at the Coast
Coast News: 2003.11.13 You say you want an evolution
Coast News: 2003.11.20 Tis the season to go shopping.
Surf City Times: 2003.11.20 Confessions of a Culture Jammer
Coast News: 2003.11.27 Conservation - All the things you leave behind
Coast News: 2003.11.27 Recycling only begins at home
Coast News: 2003.12.11 Kucinich and the Global Green Deal
Surf City Times: 2003.12.03 Holiday cheer and art of abundance
Coast News: 2003.12.18 The one that didn't get away
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Coast News: 2004.01.01 Resolutions for a thickening chaos
Surf City Times: 2004.01.07 From the Ashes Art
Coast News: 2004.01.15 Environmental restoration begins at home
Surf City Times: 2004.01.22 There but for grace
Coast News: 2004.01.22 O.K., who pays for the space toys?
Coast News: 2004.01.29 Terror and Taxes: The State of the Union
Coast News: 2004.02.05 The Sweet Slap of Reality
Surf City Times: 2004.02.05 There but for grace: Part II
Coast News: 2004.02.12 Yes on A: The conservative choice
Surf City Times: 2004.02.19 Quiet Cowboys and Political Entertainment
Coast News: 2004.02.19 When the only choice is change
Coast News: 2004.02.26 Prop A: The cornerstone of conservation
Coast News: 2004.03.04 Population: How many is too many?
Surf City Times: 2004.03.04 The first poppy of the year
Coast News: 2004.03.11 I miss the Ocean
Coast News: 2004.03.11 Pollution is not the solution
North County Times: 2004.03.17 Seeking Sanctuary in a Temple of Beauty
Coast News: 2004.04.07 Early summer and other global warnings
Coast News: 2004.04.14 "Mr. Bush tear down this wall"
Coast News: 2004.04.17 Credit where credit is due
Coast News: 2004.04.29 California Beaches: Got pollution?
Coast News: 2004.05.06 The Fifth Habitat on the Left
Coast News: 2004.05.13 Who does Representative Cunningham represent? Part 1
Coast News: 2004.05.20 Cunningham's termed out on the environment
Coast News: 2004.05.27 Three Strikes and the Duke is out
Coast News: 2004.06.03 Road kill on the road to nowhere
Coast News: 2004.06.10 The day after yesterday
Coast News: 2004.06.24 California and why size matters
Coast News: 2004.06.29 Fahrenheit 911 and the nadir of Nader
Coast News: 2004.07.01 American Taliban: Your faith or mine?
Coast News: 2004.07.14 These are the issues in my neighborhood
Coast News: 2004.07.22 Pelican Brief: The canary has left the coalmine
Coast News: 2004.07.29 Killing Coyotes: One more nail in the coffin
Coast News: 2004.08.05 Pity the horses on the Monkey-go-round
Coast News: 2004.08.12 No hope for forests Mr. Edwards?
Coast News: 2004.08.19 Waste in the Year of the Locust
Coast News: 2004.08.26 Giving harbor seals their due
Coast News: 2004.09.02 Transnet Tax Extension is anti-progress
Coast News: 2004.09.02 Four more years is eight too many.
Coast News: 2004.09.07 In search of a regional green team
Coast News: 2004.09.23 Seeking solace beneath the harvest moon
Coast News: 2004.10.21 Eco Facades: The wolf who cried boy
Coast News: 2004.10.28 Vote for a regional environmental leadership team
Coast News: 2004.11.14 Waking in a Red America: The Prognosis
Coast News: 2004.11.18 Freedom is just another word
Coast News: 2004.11.25 Shake-up at the O.K. corral
Coast News: 2004.11.28 Meanwhile back at the environment.
Coast News: 2004.12.02 Give the Gift of Nothing
Coast News: 2004.12.09 Spider holes and blue sky blues
Coast News: 2004.12.16 The gift that keeps on giving
Observation: 2004.12.27 Resolution for a better new year
Coast News: 2004.12.30 On the fifth day of Kwanzaa
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Coast News: 2005.01.06 Resolutions for the revolution
Coast News: 2005.01.13 Answers: Geology, Oceanography, and Sociology
Coast News: 2005.01.20 Beware the bad weather monkeys
Coast News: 2005.01.24 NCTD is on the right track
Coast News: 2005.01.27 Second verse, same as the first
Coast News: 2005.02.03 Littering is not a crime in California
Coast News: 2005.02.08 Where have all the flowers gone?
Coast News: 2005.02.10 Some things just aren't funny
North County Times: 2005.02.14 Thornhill Political Cartoon Response
Coast News: 2005.02.16 I guess it's just a matter of priorities
Coast News: 2005.02.22 Aren't all heroes suicidal?
Coast News: 2005.03.02 Dirty little secrets. Dirty little lies
Coast News: 2005.03.10 Sunsets Unlimited: Everybody wins
Coast News: 2005.03.17 The Day the Tundra Died
Coast News: 2005.03.23 How to serve Human vegetables
Coast News: 2005.03.28 Screw Earth Day! We need an Earth Century!
Coast News: 2005.04.07 Endangered Spaces: The luxury of goodbye
Coast News: 2005.04.15 Biocide and the backward brutish beast
Coast News: 2005.04.22 Desalinization is not the answer
Coast News: 2005.04.29 The politics of blight are upon us
Coast News: 2005.05.06 It's not easy being green
Coast News: 2005.05.13 Industrial man turned up the heat
Coast News: 2005.05.19 Pride only takes you so far
Coast News: 2005.05.20 It's time to raise the bureaucratic bar
Coast News: 2005.05.27 They make mufflers don't they?
Coast News: 2005.06.03 Oceanside Roulette: The next worst thing
Coast News: 2005.06.17 The Force is so not with us
Coast News: 2005.06.24 Ding Dong the Duke is Dead
Coast News: 2005.07.01 Why not talk about population
Coast News: 2005.07.14 Cunningham's house of flying daggers
Coast News: 2005.07.15 Goodbye. Thanks for the history.<
Coast News: 2005.07.22 An equation for conservation
Coast News: 2005.07.29 Oh the damage he can do
Coast News: 2005.08.02 Going out on a limb
Coast News: 2005.08.12 Fading flowers and the gift of mendacity
Coast News: 2005.08.19 It's going to be a bumpy ride
Coast News: 2005.08.26 The Answer is in the Trees
Coast News: 2005.09.02 It's only a disaster if humans are involved
Coast News: 2005.09.09 Too much, too little, too late
Coast News: 2005.09.16 What price the hapless toad?
Coast News: 2005.09.26 And the walls came down
Buzz: 2005.10.01 Stay out, stay out where ever you are
Coast News: 2005.10.07 Preserving Agriculture one subdivision at a time
Coast News: 2005.10.12 A is for agenda of arrogant avarice.
Coast News: 2005.10.21 An agreement is an agreement is an agreement
Buzz: 2005.10.26 The founding fathers had our backs
Coast News: 2005.10.28 The real cost of legacy lost
Coast News: 2005.10.31 Vote No on Yes
Buzz: 2005.11.02 Giving Rent it's due.
Coast News: 2005.11.11 The power of No wins the day
Buzz: 2005.11.15 Smokers, cell phones, and noise, let fly
Coast News: 2005.11.25 It's time to circle the wagons
Coast News: 2005.12.02 The one that didn't get away
Coast News: 2005.12.09 Onward Christmas Soldiers
Coast News: 2005.12.13 Letter to the Fat Man
Coast News: 2005.12.16 Count your blessings while they last
Coast News: 2005.12.30 Another year of living dangerously
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Coast News: 2006.01.13 Straddling the fence sidecar style
Coast News: 2006.01.27 We don't need no stinking beaches
pub: 2006.02.01 We will always have Brokeback
Buzz: 2006.02.09 X marks the spot
Coast News: 2006.02.16 Domestic dogs and vanishing wildlife
Coast News: 2006.02.21 I've got the bad monkey blues
Coast News: 2006.03.03 Oh how the mighty has fallen
Coast News: 2006.03.06 Acknowledging the new world order
Buzz: 2006.03.08 Questions for the ethically retarded
Coast News: 2006.03.24 And now for something completely different
Earth Times: 2006.03.24 Who will mourn the consumption monkeys?
Earthtimes: 2006.04 Who will mourn the consumption monkeys?
Buzz: 2006.04.02 Disconnecting Online and the socially retarded
Coast News: 2006.04.07 Roosevelt Republicans: When old school is new school
Coast News: 2006.04.21 Overpopulation and the smoking gun of immigration
Coast News: 2006.04.22 Sunrise Powerlink: Greenwashing anyone?
Coast News: 2006.05.05 They poison small mammals don't they?
Coast News: 2006.05.12 Brian Bilbray and the company he keeps.
Coast News: 2006.05.19 On Partisanship and the death of democracy
Buzz: 2006.05.24 Saying goodbye to some fabulously fictitious friends
Coast News: 2006.05.24 Voting for hope in Cunningham Country
Coast News: 2006.05.26 The winds of changing are blowing
Coast News: 2006.06.01 Pollution by any other name
Buzz: 2006.06.04 Facing up to crimes of fashion
Buzz: 2006.06.16 Kathy Brier: Working actress and darling Diva
Buzz: 2006.06.16 Heartbreaker Delivers
Coast News: 2006.06.16 Score one for the Status Quo
Coast News: 2006.06.21 When in the course of human events
Coast News: 2006.06.23 Too little, too late, thanks anyway
Coast News: 2006.06.30 An inconvenient global catastrophe
Buzz: 2006.07.03 Enough pride already
Coast News: 2006.07.07 Score one for the oil and gas lobby
Buzz: 2006.07.11 Summer camp with music too
Coast News: 2006.07.13 How did we get here?
Coast News: 2006.07.21 And the mountains shall be torn asunder
Coast News: 2006.07.21 Guerin should resign
Coast News: 2006.07.21 Guerin should resign
Buzz: 2006.07.28 Civil disobedience Stonewall style
Coast News: 2006.08.04 Anger is sign of life. Get angry people.
Coast News: 2006.08.11 On Smoking guns and life beyond Prudhoe Bay
Coast News: 2006.08.16 I know you are but what I am
Coast News: 2006.08.28 Hemp farming for a better tomorrow
Coast News: 2006.09.01 Solar power's future looks bright in California
Coast News: 2006.09.11 The best policy is being prepared for the worst
Buzz: 2006.09.11 New world, new words, new wisdoms
Coast News: 2006.09.15 Summer reading is no joke
Coast News: 2006.09.22 Dancing with the Devil: Venezuela style
Buzz: 2006.09.25 Arnold Schwarzenegger and the status quo
Coast News: 2006.09.28 Encinitas cronyism lets Guerin eat cake
pub: 2006.10.01 The new face of Encinitas politics
Coast News: 2006.10.05 Mark Foley: A sad reflection of modern America
Coast News: 2006.10.11 We can't get there from here
pub: 2006.10.16 The lesbian revolution is being televised
Coast News: 2006.10.19 A proposition for a clean and green California
Coast News: 2006.10.24 Throw the bums out
Coast News: 2006.11.01 President: An open letter
Buzz: 2006.11.02 Free speech, costly words, and empty gestures
Coast News: 2006.11.10 Silver linings for a blue tsunami
Coast News: 2006.11.15 The Bush Administration killed Hashim Ibrahim Awad
Buzz: 2006.11.17 Esther keeps singing, and John Norman never looked so good
Buzz: 2006.11.20 Will the gay MLK please stand up
Coast News: 2006.11.21 Cadmus, crossings, and cows, oh my!
Coast News: 2006.12.01 Coastal questions for a new reality
Coast News: 2006.12.04 Yes Virginia, there is a Solstice Fairy
Coast News: 2006 Letter to the Fat Man
Buzz: 2006.12.15 When it's All about Eve, size matters
Coast News: 2006.12.21 2006: A year of dangerous living
Coast News: 2006.12.28 Save the polar bear, save yourself.
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Buzz: 2007.01.01 Happy New Whatever!
Coast News: 2007.01.05 It's time to stir the stew
Observation: 2007.01.05 Goodbye Old Friend
Buzz: 2007.01.11 In defense of future generations.
Coast News: 2007.01.12 It's time to stir the stew. Part two.
Buzz: 2007.01.17 A Shining Knight, a Dark Prince, and the F word
Coast News: 2007.01.19 The case for a public smoking ban
Buzz: 2007.01.20 Victory Fund Endorses Candidate for Dallas Mayor
pub: 2007.01.24 Pfizer Inc. sued by Los Angeles AIDS activists
Buzz: 2007.01.25 Sexy and sober ANT comes to San Diego
Coast News: 2007.01.26 Some President's still don't get it
Coast News: 2007.01.30 One nation under gluttony, avarice, and sloth
Coast News: 2007.02.12 Words and the art of warmongering
Coast News: 2007.02.22 Playground politics undermine the interests of Encinitas
Buzz: 2007.02.25 Charity does not begin at home
Coast News: 2007.03.01 Efficiency: The energy ecology nexus
Coast News: 2007.03.07 No view, no vision, no room for nature
Buzz: 2007.03.12 Change only comes from changing
The Espresso: 2007.03.14 Running Counter of Cafe Culture
pub: 2007.03.17 Just say no to the dairy addiction
Coast News: 2007.03.19 Hillary Clinton is more of a bad thing
Buzz: 2007.03.26 Front runners fall flat on equality issues.
Coast News: 2007.03.29 Ignoring the numbers without counting the cost
Coast News: 2007.04.04 Floating Canaries and the Frogs of Nofufi
Buzz: 2007.04.09 Selective representation proves prime time bias
Buzz: 2007.04.10 Bravo drapes reality in style.
Buzz: 2007.04.11 Happy Earth Day to You
Coast News: 2007.04.11 Happy Earth Day to you
Buzz: 2007.04.23 Questioning connection, community and culture
Coast News: 2007.04.23 Enough of the maddening crowd
Buzz: 2007.04.23 Enough of the Maddening Crowd
Buzz: 2007.04.24 Cliques, Communities and Culture
Coast News: 2007.04.26 Forget Cheney. Impeach everyone.
Coast News: 2007.05.03 Can't see the future for the bees
Coast News: 2007.05.09 Why can't we all just get along?
Coast News: 2007.05.18 Taking stock of political posturing
Coast News: 2007.05.25 Ding Dong the pretext is dead
Coast News: 2007.05.31 Nothing changes but the weather
Coast News: 2007.06.06 On the road to somewhere else
Coast News: 2007.06.14 Paris Hilton is not news
Buzz: 2007.06.14 Paris Hilton is Not News
Coast News: 2007.06.18 Attention must be paid...sometimes
Coast News: 2007.07.26 Attack of the homophobic surf Nazis
Coast News: 2007.06.27 Home is where the habitat is
Coast News: 2007.07.06 Courting disaster until the water runs out
Coast News: 2007.07.11 The bright side of dark days
Coast News: 2007.07.19 The Earth moves in mysterious ways
Coast News: 2007.07.26 Attack of the homophobic surf Nazis
Coast News: 2007.07.31 1 Calling the kettle black
Coast News: 2007.07.31 2 Calling the kettle black
Coast News: 2007.08.09 Representative Wyland's dog days of summer
Coast News: 2007.08.14 If you build it, they will drive there.
Coast News: 2007.08.24 This is so not going to end good
Coast News: 2007.08.30 I do believe it's getting better
Coast News: 2007.09.05 When do we start talking about overpopulation?
Coast News: 2007.09.11 Operation Iraqi Liberation: It's the Oil stupid
Coast News: 2007.09.19 The first amendment is under direct attack
Coast News: 2007.09.24 Saving what's left while it lasts (1 of 3)
Coast News: 2007.10.03 Saving what's left while it lasts (2 of 3)
Coast News: 2007.10.09 Saving what's left while it lasts (3 of 3)
Coast News: 2007.10.18 George W. Bush is WWIII
Coast News: 2007.10.22 Burning as the world fiddles
Truthout: 2007.10.30 Fire, Sustainability and the California Cul-de-sac
Coast News: 2007.11.01 Fire, fire everywhere and...
Coast News: 2007.11.09 Let the density games begin
Coast News: 2007.11.15 Buy nothing for a better tomorrow
Coast News: 2007.11.19 There is nothing humane about humanity
Coast News: 2007.11.29 If only the trees could speak
Coast News: 2007.12.04 Dismantling Democracy: the Issa/Giuliani connection
Coast News: 2007 Letter to the Fat Man
Rage: 2007.12.12 Waxing Wilde
Coast News: 2007.12.17 2007 the Year of the Gore
Coast News: 2007.12.26 Meanwhile, back on the reservation
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Coast News: 2008.01.06 Notes from the Benazir Bhutto Farewell Tour
Rage: 2008.01.08 Liberace
Coast News: 2008.01.10 Downgrading Encinitas one policy at a time
Coast News: 2008.01.20 Population, Planning, and Political Posturing
Coast News: 2008.01.29 Going native is only natural
Coast News: 2008.02.06 There is still time for change
Coast News: 2008.02.15 Windmills and dragons are not mutually exclusive
Coast News: 2008.02.21 Changing lanes for changing times
Coast News: 2008.02.26 Gee Officer Blenkle I was really upset
Coast News: 2008.03.06 Wise Growth is Smart Growth
Coast News: 2008.03.15 Monking around with old world enlightenment
Coast News: 2008.03.19 Manifesting destiny where the asphalt ends
Coast News: 2008.03.28 Sunrise is a link to the past
Coast News: 2008.04.03 The musical muse of Ecological economics
Coast News: 2008.04.08 One day Earth Day every day
Coast News: 2008.04.16 Ecotourism for a brighter tomorrow
Coast News: 2008.04.25 Preserving the place that preserves you.
Coast News: 2008.05.01 Bye bye Bilbray. There's a new kid in town.
Beach Break: 2008.05.04 Have a Beach Zen Summer
Coast News: 2008.05.08 Save us from ourselves
Coast News: 2008.05.15 When harvesting the sun don't get burned.
Coast News: 2008.05.22 Mass transit derailed in San Diego County
Coast News: 2008.05.29 Environmental restoration begins at home
Coast News: 2008.06.05 Tapped out and treading water
Coast News: 2008.06.10 Rise above plastics elevate yourself
Coast News: 2008.06.18 John McCain is so 20th century
Coast News: 2008.06.29 Greenpeace and the war on climate change
Beach Break: 2008.07.02 Good intentions bad balloons
Coast News: 2008.07.08 Slow down you move too fast
Coast News: 2008.07.15 Where the racetrack meets the road
Coast News: 2008.07.25 Restore the kelp, restore the coast
Coast News: 2008.07.30 Taking the low road most traveled
Coast News: 2008.08.06 An open letter to Brian Bilbray
Coast News: 2008.08.16 Greenvilla in the heart of Suburbia
Coast News: 2008.08.18 Bicycles and the new world order
Coast News: 2008.08.28 New politics for a new time
Coast News: 2008.09.04 Water conservation is no longer an option
Coast News: 2008.09.10 Proposition 2 is about me and you
Coast News: 2008.09.21 Coming full circle on a wide sandy beach
Coast News: 2008.09.29 Bankers, Bureaucrats, and Bailouts...Oh My!
Coast News: 2008.10.02 SB 375- It's the law
Coast News: 2008.10.09 We are all in this together
Coast News: 2008.10.16 Taxing for sand that will soon wash away.
Coast News: 2008.10.23 An endorsement for change
Coast News: 2008.11.02 The excess of elections is a sign of the times
Coast News: 2008.11.06 Bigotry is back by popular demand
Coast News: 2008.11.12 Calming traffic in a hyper active world...Yeah right.
Coast News: 2008.11.17 Growing, growing, gone
Coast News: 2008.11.28 Tis a reason to buy nothing
Coast News: 2008 Letter to the Fat Man
Coast News: 2008.12.02 How would Jesus celebrate Christmas?
Coast News: 2008.12.17 All bad things must come to an end
Coast News: 2008.12.23 Resolve to evolve: Resolutions for change
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Coast News: 2009.01.02 Hope is relative, so too audacity
Coast News: 2009.01.06 Kiss the Bush goodbye
Coast News: 2009.01.14 Sand replenishment equals ecological degradation
Coast News: 2009.01.21 Words reveal where change will remain the same
Coast News: 2009.02.11 Greetings from the ICU ward.

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